Beliveau, Brian
technologies for visualizing 3D genome organization
website - Dr. Beliveau will begin September 2018.

Berg, Celeste
drosophila development
faculty page | lab website
caberg [ a t ] uw.edu

Borenstein, Elhanan
computational systems biology; metagenomics; human microbiome; complex networks 
faculty page | lab website
elbo [ a t ] uw.edu

Brewer, Bonny
yeast DNA replication
faculty page | lab website
bbrewer [ a t ] uw.edu

Bruce, James
proteomics, mass spectrometry and advanced technology development
faculty page | lab website
jimbruce [ a t ] uw.edu

Dunham, Maitreya
yeast genetics and evolution
faculty page | lab website
maitreya [ a t ] uw.edu

Eichler, Evan
human genomics and molecular evolution
faculty page | lab website
eee [ a t ] gs.washington.edu

Fields, Stanley
macromolecular interactions and protein technologies
faculty page | lab website
fields [ a t ] uw.edu

Fowler, Douglas
functional consequences of variation in proteins
faculty page | lab website
dfowler [ a t ] uw.edu

Furlong, Clement
human biochemical genetics
faculty page
clem [ a t ] uw.edu

Green, Philip
genome analysis
faculty page | lab website
phg [ a t ] uw.edu

Harris, Kelley
population genetics and genomics; evolution of the mutation rate and spectrum
faculty page | lab website
harriske [ a t ] uw.edu

Hawkins, R. David
epigenetics, stem cell biology, transcriptional regulation
faculty page | lab website
rdhawk [ a t ] uw.edu

Jarvik, Gail
genetics of complex disease
faculty page
pair [ a t ] uw.edu

King, Mary-Claire
human genetics
faculty page | lab website
mcking [ a t ] uw.edu

Lee, Su-In
computational biology, systems biology, medical genetics, machine learning
faculty page | website
sui nlee [ a t ] cs.washington.edu

MacCoss, Michael
proteomics and mass spectrometry
faculty page | lab website
maccoss [ a t ] uw.edu

Manoil, Colin
bacterial molecular genetics; no longer taking graduate students
faculty page | lab website
manoil [ a t ] uw.edu

Miller, Samuel
bacterial pathogenesis
faculty page | lab website
millersi [ a t ] uw.edu

Monnat, Raymond
human genetic instability
faculty page | lab website
monnat [ a t ] uw.edu

Nickerson, Debbie
human genome variation
faculty page | lab website
debnick [ a t ] uw.edu

Noble, William
computational molecular biology
faculty page | lab website
william-noble [ a t ] uw.edu

Pallanck, Leo
drosophila neurogenetics
faculty page | lab website
pallanck [ a t ] uw.edu

Queitsch, Christine
molecular mechanisms underlying phenotypic robustness and evolvability
faculty page | lab website
queitsch [ a t ] uw.edu

Shendure, Jay
DNA sequencing technology, medical genetics, synthetic biology
faculty page | lab website
shendure [ a t ] uw.edu

Stamatoyannopoulos, John
genomics of gene regulation
faculty page
jstam [ a t ] uw.edu

Swanson, Willie
evolution and function of reproductive proteins
faculty page | lab website
wjs18 [ a t ] uw.edu

Thomas, James
molecular evolution, gene families
faculty page | lab website
jht [ a t ] uw.edu

Trapnell, Cole
stem cells, differentiation, and single-cell genomics
faculty page | lab website
coletrap [ a t ] uw.edu

Villen, Judit
mass spectrometry-based proteomics and cell signaling
faculty page | lab website
jvillen [ a t ] uw.edu

Waterston, Robert
genomics / gene expression / comparative sequence analysis
faculty page | lab website
watersto [ a t ] uw.edu


Other Training Faculty

These adjunct & affiliate faculty members accept Genome Sciences grads for thesis research.


Abkowitz, Janis
hematopoietic stem cells, erythropoiesis
faculty page
janabk [ a t ] uw.edu

Baker, David
protein folding and protein structure
faculty page | lab website
dabaker [ a t ] uw.edu

Bamshad, Michael
human genetics and evolution
faculty page | lab website
mbamshad [ a t ] uw.edu

Berger, Alice
cancer functional genomics
lab website
ahberger [ a t ] fredhutch.org

Blau, C. Anthony
gene and cell therapy
faculty page | lab website
tblau [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Bloom, Jesse
the evolution of viruses and proteins
faculty page | lab website
jbloom [ a t ] fhcrc.org

Bradley, Phil
structural modeling of macromolecular interactions
faculty page
pbradley [ a t ] fhcrc.org

Bradley, Robert
RNA biology in human disease
faculty page | lab website
rbradley [ a t ] fhcrc.org

Browning, Brian
statistical genetics
faculty page | lab website
browning [ a t ] uw.edu

Byers, Peter
human molecular genetics
faculty page
pbyers [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Horwitz, Marshall
genetics of hematopoietic disease
faculty page
horwitz [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Kaeberlein, Matt
molecular mechanisms of aging
faculty page | lab website
kaeber [ a t ] uw.edu

Malik, Harmit
molecular evolution of genetic conflict
faculty page | lab website
hsmalik [ a t ] fhcrc.org

Matsen, Frederick
molecular sequence analysis and adaptive immunology
faculty page | lab website
matsen [ a t ] fredhutch.org

Nelson, J. Lee
autoimmunity and alloimmunity, microchimerism, HLA genetics, and pregnancy
faculty page | lab website
lnelsonlab [ a t ] fhcrc.org

Nelson, Peter
cancer genetics and genomics
faculty page
pnelson [ a t ] fhcrc.org

Ong, Shao-En
proteogenomics approaches in gene regulation and cell signaling
faculty page | lab website
shaoen [ a t ] uw.edu

Palmiter, Richard
mammalian nervous system
faculty page
palmiter [ a t ] uw.edu

Raible, David
zebrafish genetics and development
faculty page | lab website
draible [ a t ] uw.edu

Raskind, Wendy
inherited neurobehavioral disorders
faculty page
wendyrun [ a t ] uw.edu

Ruzzo, W. Larry
computational molecular biology
faculty page
ruzzo [ a t ] cs.washington.edu

Thompson, Elizabeth
statistical genetics
faculty page | lab website
eathomp [ a t ] uw.edu

Tompa, Martin
computational molecular biology; no longer taking graduate students
faculty page | lab website
tompa [ a t ] cs.washington.edu

Wakimoto, Barbara
drosophila chromatin
faculty page
wakimoto [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Weir, Bruce
statistical methodology for genetic data
faculty page
bsweir [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Wijsman, Ellen
human statistical genetics
faculty page | lab website
wijsman [ a t ] u.washington.edu


Senior Faculty

Senior faculty no longer accept graduate students for thesis research.


Byers, Breck
yeast cell biology
faculty page
breck [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Fangman, Walton
yeast chromosome replication
faculty page

Felsenstein, Joseph
faculty page | lab website
joe [ a t ] gs.washington.edu

Gallant, Jonathan
translation fidelity
faculty page
jgallant [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Gartler, Stanley
mammalian somatic genetics, x-chromosome inactivation
faculty page
gartler [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Hall, Benjamin
yeast and plant genetics
faculty page | lab website
benhall [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Hartwell, Leland
cancer genetics
faculty page
lhartwel [ a t ] fhcrc.org

Martin, George
pathobiology of aging
faculty page
gmmartin [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Olson, Maynard
human genome
faculty page
mvo [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Sibley, Carol
malaria genetics
faculty page
sibley [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Stamatoyannopoulos, George
medical genetics
faculty page
gstam [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Trask, Barbara
molecular cytogenetics and genomics
faculty page
btrask [ a t ] fhcrc.org


Research Faculty

Research faculty do not accept graduate students for thesis research.


Kuhner, Mary
lab website
mkkuhner [ a t ] uw.edu

Nunn, Brook
lab website
brookh [ a t ] uw.edu

Raghuraman, M.K.
lab website
raghu [ a t ] uw.edu

Starita, Lea
lstarita [ a t ] uw.edu




Cheong, Frances
kcheong3 [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Paul, Anne
annep [ a t ] u.washington.edu


Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty members do not accept GS graduate students for thesis research.

Breeden, Linda
Brent, Roger
Crowder, Michael
Dorschner, Michael
Dudley, Aimee
Fullerton, Malia
Goverman, Joan
Hawrylycz, Michael
Henikoff, Steven
Hood, Leroy
Hsieh, Andrew 
Kugel, Sita
MacPherson, David
Merrikh, Houra
Miller, Daniel
Paddison, Patrick
Reid, Brian
Ruohola-Baker, Hannele
Smith, Gerry - homologous genetic recombination and DNA break repair
Subramaniam, Arvind Rasi
Tabor, Holly
Ventura, Mario
Young, Elton