Research Reports

Fridays from 3:15 - 4:20 in Foege Auditorium (S 060) unless otherwise noted

Our program will include reports on research progress and proposed work by graduate students.  Talks are planned for 25 minutes each.  If you are unable to speak at the appointed time, please arrange to change dates with someone else.  Please email Brian Giebel (bgiebel [ a t ] with any changes.

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NEW: All talks (except for rotation talks) should be no longer than 25 minutes, including time for questions.


Spring 2018

5/11 - Andy Lin, Katherine Xue, Khrystyna North

Andy Lin
“Using proteomics to identify unknown samples”

Khrystyna North
“Understanding the mutual exclusivity of splicing factor mutations in cancer”

Katherine Xue
"Comparing estimates of influenza's genetic diversity and transmission bottleneck within human hosts"


5/18 - no RR session due to conflict with the UW undergraduate research symposium

5/25 - Emily Killingbeck, Amanda Larson

Emily Killingbeck
"Fishing" for vertebrate fertilization genes: genomic and proteomic characterization of rapidly evolving threespine stickleback egg coat proteins

Amanda Larson
"Non-coding variation in schizophrenia in the Xhosa population of South Africa"


6/1 - first year rotation talks: Danielle Boley, Florence Chardon, Michael Goldberg, Deanna Plubell, David Read

Tuesday, 6/5, 12:30 - first year rotation talks: Emma De Neef, Will DeWitt, Philip Dishuck


9/21 - reservation given to Medical Genetics

9/28 - Madeleine Geisheker, Rachel Dam

10/5 - session held at 12:30, Health Sciences K-069