Journal Club

Tuesdays from 12:30 - 1:50 in Foege Auditorium (S 060)

Speakers must post references for their Journal Club by the Monday preceding their talk. References should be given to Brian Giebel (bgiebel (at) to be posted on this page. If you are unable to speak at the appointed time, please arrange to change dates with someone else (please notify Brian when you make changes).

References are posted as they are received. Please be sure to check the current and past schedules to make sure your proposed article hasn't already been reserved or previously presented by another speaker.

Follow this link for a listing of past Journal Club references.

The Genome Sciences Journal Club series has concluded for the 2013-2014 academic year. The 2014-2015 schedule will be posted in July.

August 12 - reserved for dissertation defense


Autumn 2014

9/30 - Mary-Claire King

10/7 - Matt Rich, Max Press

Matt Rich
Historical contingency and its biophysical basis in glucocorticoid receptor evolution. Michael J. Harms & Joseph W. Thornton, Nature (2014)

Max Press
Piffer, D. Factor Analysis of Population Allele Frequencies as a Simple, Novel Method of Detecting Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection: The Example of Educational Attainment and IQ. Mankind Quarterly 2013, 54, 168-200. 

Piffer, D. Simple Statistical Tools to Detect Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection. IBC 2014, 6:01, 1-6.

Piffer, D. Estimating strength of polygenic selection with principal components analysis of spatial genetic variation. BioRxiv 2014. 


10/14 -

10/21 - Rachel Gittelman

Rachel Gittelman
Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and transmission during the 2014 outbreak

10/28 - Bill Noble

11/4 - Celeste Berg

11/18 - Ray Monnat, Alex Hu

11/25 - Vanessa Gray, Anne Clark

12/2 - Cecilia Noecker, Colin McNally


Winter 2015

1/6 - Daniel Kim, Alex Mason

1/13 - Melissa Chiasson, Seungsoo Kim

1/20 - Joe Felsenstein, Aaron McKenna

1/27 - Tim Durham, Colby Samstag

2/3 - Stephanie Battle, Michael Dorrity

2/10 - Elyse Hope, Aaron Seo

2/17 -

2/24 - Daniel Chee, Alex Eng

3/3 - Mike Doud, Ken Chen

3/10 - M. K. Raghuraman, Michael Duyzend


Spring 2015

3/31 - Han-Yin Yang, Sonia Ting

4/7 - Clara Amorosi, Max Dougherty

4/14 - Claudia Espinoza, Greg Findlay

4/21 - Molly Gasperini, Madeleine Geisheker

4/28 - Andrew Hill, Emily Killingbeck

5/5 - Jason Klein, John Lazar

5/12 - Serena Liu, Heather Machkovech

5/19 - Damon May, Lindsay Pino

5/26 - Hannah Pliner, Brian Searle

6/2 - Aaron Wolf, Katherine Xue