Welcome and congratulations!

A Senior Fellow appointment requires concurrence from the School of Medicine and other approval bodies of the University of Washington and this process takes time.

You will be asked to complete the following forms and return them as soon as possible. Leave blank any information you do not know (budget numbers, lab information, Seattle address, etc.), as that information will be added at a later date.

It is important that we get these documents promptly:

  1. UW Postdoc Data Sheet

  2. UW Personal Data Sheet

  3. GS Personal Data Sheet

We also require:

  1. An electronic copy of your current CV

  2. A copy of your diploma. If you do not yet have your diploma, we can accept a degree verification letter, on official letterhead, from your university’s registrar or graduate school. This letter must have a raised seal or be notarized; indicating the department of your studies and the date you completed all of your coursework for your PhD. This must be signed by an official at the university with certified translation, if necessary.


If you are not a US citizen, copies of the following are required:

  1. Visa

  2. Passport biographic page

  3. Most recent 1-94 card

  4. Documentation of previous and current immigration status, including but not limited to all 1-797 approval notices, 1-20 forms, DS-2019 forms, EAD cards and 1-612 waivers (for new petitioners only)

  5. Tax Form 1007

  6. I-9
    J1 | H1B/TN | EAC

  7. W-4 | instructions

  8. Tax Form W8BEN (optional)

  9. Tax Form 8233 (optional)


If you are a US citizen, please take the time to review the following forms. These will be provided to you in-person to complete and sign, as UW requires originals for your appointment.

  1. W-4

  2. I-9 (please bring  your Passport OR Driver’s License and Social Security Card your first day in the lab)

We’d like to have a photo for our postdoc directory and a link to your personal website, if you have one.
Please complete and save your documents with your name on them.
Return all documents to:
wong0106 [ a t ] uw.edu