Walt Fangman retired at the end of 2004. The laboratory continues the research under Bonita J. Brewer.

Selected Publications:

Raghuraman, M.K., Winzeler, E.A., Collingwood, D., Hunt, S., Wodicka, L., Conway, A., Lockhart, D.J., Davis, R.W., Brewer, B.J., Fangman, W.L.. Replication dynamics of the yeast genome. Science. 294: 115-121, 05 Oct 2001

van Brabant A.J., Buchanan C.D., Charboneau E., Fangman W.L., Brewer B.J. An origin-deficient yeast artificial chromosome triggers a cell cycle checkpoint. Molecular Cell. 7(4): 705-13, Apr 2001

Ward T.R., Hoang M.L., Prusty R., Lau C.K., Keil R.L., Fangman W.L., Brewer B.J. Ribosomal DNA replication fork barrier and HOT1 recombination hot spot: shared sequences but independent activities. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 20(13): 4948-57, Jul 2000

van Brabant A.J., Fangman W.L., Brewer B.J. Active role of a human genomic insert in replication of a yeast artificial chromosome.. Mol Cell Biol. 19(6): 4231-40, Jun 1999

Donaldson A.D., Raghuraman M.K., Friedman K.L., Cross F.R., Brewer B. J., Fangman W. L. CLB5-dependent activation of late replication origins in S. cerevisiae.. Mol Cell. 2(2): 173-82, Aug 1998

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