Combi Seminars

Co-sponsored by the Department of Genomes Sciences and the Computational Molecular Biology (CMB) Program, the Combi Seminars focus specifically on developments in molecular and computational biology-related research and often feature UW faculty and researchers from regionally affiliated centers and institutes.

All Combi Seminars take place on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 2:30 in Foege Auditorium unless otherwise noted.
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Please follow this link for a listing of past seminars.


Winter 2017

March 1 - Dr. Alan Herr
University of Washington
"DNA replication error rates at single cell resolution”

March 8 - Dr. Janine Ilagan
Bradley Lab, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Spring 2017 - sessions reserved for postdoctoral research talks (up to two speakers per session)


March 29 - Dr. Max Press

April 5 - postdoctoral research talks

April 12 - postdoctoral research talks

April 19 - Dr. Rajiv McCoy

April 26 - postdoctoral research talks

May 3 - Dr. Caiti Smukowski Heil

May 10 - Dr. Kate Cook, Dr. Adam Warner

May 17 - Dr. Damien Wilburn, Dr. Adam Gordon

May 24 - Dr. Sandra Zimmerman, Dr. Calvin Mok

May 31 - Dr. Emma Timmins-Schiffman, Dr. Barbara Taskinen