Combi Seminars

Co-sponsored by the Department of Genomes Sciences and the Computational Molecular Biology (CMB) Program, the Combi Seminars focus specifically on developments in molecular and computational biology-related research and often feature UW faculty and researchers from regionally affiliated centers and institutes.

All Combi Seminars take place on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 2:30 in Foege Auditorium unless otherwise noted.
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Please follow this link for a listing of past seminars.


Autumn 2014

September 24 -

October 1 - Dr. Leonid Chindelevitch
"Modeling tuberculosis, from cells to populations"

Tuberculosis continues to afflict millions of people and causes over a million deaths a year worldwide. Multi-drug resistance is also on the rise, causing concern among public-health experts. This talk will give an overview of my work on modeling tuberculosis at various scales. On the cellular side I will describe models of the metabolism of M. tuberculosis, where insights from duality led to a consistent analysis of existing models, a systematic method for reconciling discrepant models, and the identification of putative drug targets. On the population side I will describe models of strain evolution, where a new metric combined with an optimization-based approach resulted in an accurate classification of complex infections as originating from mutation or mixed infection, as well as the identification of the strains composing these complex infections.

October 8 - Dr. James Thomas
University of Washington

October 15 - Dr. Brigham Mecham

October 22 - Dr. Phil Green
University of Washington
"Efficient alignment and assembly of next-gen sequencing reads"

October 29 - Alex Rosenberg
Seelig Lab
University of Washington

November 5 - Dr. Robert Bradley
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

November 12 - Dr. David Hendrickson
Rinn Lab
Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Harvard University

November 19 - Dr. Suleyman Gulsuner
King Lab
University of Washington

December 3 - Dr. Jesse Bloom
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

12/10/14 - finals week session reserved for dissertation defense


Winter 2015

January 7 - Daniel Jones
Ruzzo Lab
University of Washington

January 14 - Dr. Jonathan Carlson

January 21 - Dr. William Noble
University of Washington

January 28 - Dr. Gabriel Zentner
Henikoff Lab, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

February 4 - Dr. David Baker
University of Washington

February 11 - Dr. Justin Guinney
Sage Bionetworks

February 18 - Dr. Cole Trapnell
University of Washington

February 25 - Dr. Ryan Emerson
Adaptive Biotechnologies

March 4 -

March 11 - Dr. Erick Matsen
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Spring 2015 - reserved for postdoctoral research talks

April 1 - reserved

April 8 - reserved

April 15 - reserved

April 22 - reserved

April 29 - reserved

May 6 - reserved

May 13 - reserved

May 20 - reserved

May 27 - reserved

June 3 - reserved