Combi Seminars

Co-sponsored by the Department of Genomes Sciences and the Computational Molecular Biology (CMB) Program, the Combi Seminars focus specifically on developments in molecular and computational biology-related research and often feature UW faculty and researchers from regionally affiliated centers and institutes.

All Combi Seminars take place on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 2:30 in Foege Auditorium unless otherwise noted.
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Please follow this link for a listing of past seminars.


Postdoctoral Research Talks

Spring 2017 - sessions reserved for postdoctoral research talks (up to two speakers per session)

March 29 - Dr. Max Press
Borenstein and Queitsch Labs, University of Washington
"Massive natural variation in Arabidopsis thaliana short tandem repeats in functional regions"

April 19 - Dr. Rajiv McCoy
Akey Lab, University of Washington
"Impacts of Neanderthal-Introgressed Sequences on the Landscape of Human Gene Expression"

April 26 - postdoctoral research talks

May 3 - Dr. Caiti Smukowski Heil, Dr. Kenneth Matreyek

Dr. Caiti Smukowski Heil
"Loss of heterozygosity drives adaptation in hybrid yeast"

Dr. Kenneth Matreyek
"Comprehensive Analysis of the Effects of PTEN Missense Variation in Cells"

May 10 - Dr. Kate Cook, Dr. Adam Warner

May 17 - Dr. Damien Wilburn, Dr. Adam Gordon

May 24 - Dr. Sandra Zimmerman, Dr. Calvin Mok

May 31 - Dr. Emma Timmins-Schiffman, Dr. Barbara Taskinen

June 7 reservation given to outside group.


Autumn 2017

October 4 - Dr. Kate Rubins