Conference Rooms

About GS conference rooms:

The Department of Genome Sciences schedules conference rooms on each floor of the Foege Building. Health Sciences Room Scheduling handles reservations for the Foege Auditorium and Cafeteria. The rooms scheduled by Genome Sciences are only available to department members. Genome Sciences members can reserve these rooms using the "rooms, etc" link on your "" Google Calendar, as described below. Alternatively, request a room by emailing gsrooms [ a t ] with the date, time, purpose, room number, group size and your name.

Conference rooms on the ground, second, third and fourth floors have a total of 20 chairs in each: 14 around a table and 6 others along a wall. The conference room on the first floor is suitable for larger groups and is reserved for those situations.

All conference rooms are equipped with overhead projectors, ceiling-mounted digital projectors and screens, whiteboards, and blackout window shades. Please read and follow the instructions for controlling the lights, projectors, screens and window shades that are posted in each room. Please DO NOT mark on the screens in any way. Please report any problems to gsrooms [ a t ]

Users of the conference rooms are responsible for ensuring that the rooms are clean when they leave. Please remove leftover handouts, drink cans and cups, food containers, etc. Please put all trash in the waste cans. Please use only dry erase markers on the whiteboards and erase them before you leave. Please do not remove any furniture from the conference rooms..


Use Your Google Calendar to Reserve a GS Conference Room in South Foege:

Room reservations can be made for a period of up to one year from the current date. Please respect this protocol to assure that rooms are available to those who need them

Reservations are made by using your UW Google Calendar, part of UW Google Apps. If you have not enabled your UW Google Apps, you can do so by visiting More calendar information is available at the bottom of this page.

Once your UW Google calendar is configured you can use the calendar to reserve a Genome Sciences conference room in South Foege. The five conference rooms are accessed from the "Rooms, etc." link to the right of the "Event Details" window in your calendar.

When you have created your event and updated the time(s) that it will meet, click on "rooms, etc" to view availability for you time(s). Rooms that are available will remain in the list of rooms. Please leave the "show only available" checkbox checked. Click "Add" next to the room of your choice and the room will be reserved when the calendar event is completed by clicking "Save".

If you have enabled notifications on your calendar, you will be notified in the rare case where a room is displayed as available, but is in fact reserved. This can happen, for example, when editing a recurring event.

If you find that you no longer need the meeting space, please release the room for others to use by editing the event. Unchecking the "show only available" checkbox and clicking on "rooms, etc" will give you the option to remove the room reservation you no longer need.

Classes and other events may require a reservation you have made to be relinquished. You will be notified if this happens.

Changes in the google calendar now exclude access to the calendars by anyone who is not explicitly granted access. If you are a Genome Sciences departmental member you can authenticate to UW google apps to view the calendars here.

If you have questions about Genome Sciences room reservations please email gsrooms [ a t ]

If the room calendars are not displaying properly on this page, these may be accessed directly:


Calendar help is available, from the calendar interface, at "Calendar help" from the "options" drop down. The "options" dropdown is displayed as a cog in the upper right of the calendar window.

For people who have previously set up a Google Calendar using a UW email address, please see

If you need to move your calendar or documents from your old account to your UW Google Apps account, these pages provide excellent instructions:


Lastly, an overview of the changes coming to UW Google Apps can be found here: