Genome Training Grant Faculty

* advisory committee member

The GTG is not currently accepting additional faculty as of 4/2018.

Name Institution E-mail Research

David Baker

UW Biochemistry; HHMI

dabaker [ a t ]

protein folding

Michael Bamshad

UW Pediatrics

[ a t ]

human genetics and evolution

Trevor Bedford

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Epidemiology

trevor [ a t ]

dynamics of virus populations

Celeste Berg

UW Genome Sciences

caberg [ a t ]

drosophila development

Alice Berger

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Genome Sciences


Jesse Bloom

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Genome Sciences

jbloom [ a t ]

the evolution of viruses and proteins

Elhanan Borenstein

UW Genome Sciences

elbo [ a t ] u

computational biology; evolutionary systems biology; complex biological networks

Bonny Brewer

UW Genome Sciences

bbrewer [ a t ]

yeast DNA replication

Brian Browning

UW Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

browning [ a t ]

statistical genetics

Sharon Browning*

UW Biostatistics

sguy [ a t ]


Jim Bruce

UW Genome Sciences

jimbruce [ a t ]

proteomics, mass spectrometry and advanced technology development

Christine Disteche

UW Pathology and Medical Genetics

cdistech [ a t ]

chromosome structure function

Maitreya Dunham

UW Genome Sciences

maitreya [ a t ]

yeast genetics and evolution

Evan Eichler*

UW Genome Sciences, HHMI

eee [ a t ]

human genomics and molecular evolution

Joe Felsenstein

UW Genome Sciences, Statistics, and Zoology

joe [ a t ]

statistical and computational approaches to phylogeny

Stan Fields

UW Genome Sciences, Medical Genetics, and Microbiology; HHMI

fields [ a t ]

yeast genetics, protein function

Douglas Fowler

UW Genome Sciences

dfowler [ a t ]

functional consequences of variation in proteins

Clem Furlong

UW Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

clem [ a t ]

human biochemical genetics

Phil Green*

UW Genome Sciences and Computer Science and Engineering; HHMI

phg [ a t ]


Kelley Harris

UW Genome Sciences

harriske [ a t ]

population genetics and genomics; evolution of the mutation rate and spectrum

David Hawkins

UW Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

rdhawk [ a t ]

epigenetics, stem cell biology, transcriptional regulation

Steven Henikoff

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

steveh [ a t ]


Gail Jarvik

UW Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

pair [ a t ]

genetics of complex disease

Mary-Claire King

UW Genome Sciences and Medicine

mcking [ a t ]

medical genetics

Charles Laird

UW Biology

[ a t ]

epigenetic biology

Adam Leache

UW Biology

leache [ a t ]

phylogenetics, phylogeography, species delimitation

Su-In Lee

UW Computer Science & Engineering and Genome Sciences

suinlee [ a t ]

computational biology, systems biology, medical genetics, machine learning

Michael MacCoss*

UW Genome Sciences

maccoss (at)

proteomics and mass spectrometry

Harmit Malik*

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; UW Genome Sciences

hsmalik (at)

molecular evolution of genetic conflict

Colin Manoil

UW Genome Sciences

manoil [ a t ]

bacterial molecular genetics

Sam Miller

UW Microbiology, Genome Sciences, and Medicine

millersi [ a t ]

bacterial pathogenesis

Vladimir Minin

UW Statistics

vminin [ a t ]

statistical inference problems in molecular evolution/comparative genomics

Ray Monnat

UW Pathology and Genome Sciences

monnat [ a t ]

human genetic instability

Pete Nelson

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Human Biology; UW Genome Sciences, Pathology, and Medical Oncology

pnelson (at)

gene expression in tumors

Debbie Nickerson

UW Genome Sciences and Bioengineering

debnick (at)

DNA polymorphism

Bill Noble

UW Genome Sciences and Computer Science

noble (at)

computational biology

Leo Pallanck

UW Genome Sciences

pallanck [ a t ]

drosophila neurogenetics

Katie Peichel

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

cpeichel ( a t )

Morphological and behavioral variation between species, stickleback system

Christine Queitsch

UW Genome Sciences

queitsch [ a t ]

molecular mechanisms underlying phenotypic robustness and evolvability

Larry Ruzzo*

UW Computer Science and Engineering

ruzzo (at)


Jay Shendure

UW Genome Sciences

shendure (at)

DNA sequencing technology, medical genetics, synthetic biology

Noah Snyder-Mackler

UW Psychology

nsmack [ a t ]


John Stamatoyannopoulos

UW Genome Sciences


genomics of gene regulation

Willie Swanson*

UW Genome Sciences

wjs18 (at)

evolutionary dynamics of reproductive proteins

Stephen Tapscott

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

stapscot [ a t ]

gene transcription in a chromatin context in normal development and disease

Jim Thomas

UW Genome Sciences

jht (at)

C. elegans neurogenetics

Elizabeth Thompson

UW Statistics and Biostatistics

eathomp (at)

statistical inference

Cole Trapnell

UW Genome Sciences

coletrap [ a t ]

stem cells, differentiation, and single-cell genomics

Judit Villen*

UW Genome Sciences

jvillen [ a t ]

mass spectrometry-based proteomics and cell signaling

Bob Waterston

UW Genome Sciences

waterston (at)

genomics / gene expression / comparative sequece analysis

Bruce Weir

UW Biostatistics

bsweir (at)

statistical methodology for genetic data

Ellen Wijsman*

UW Biostatistics and Medical Genetics

wijsman (at)

genetics of inherited variability and human diseases

Jesse Zalatan

UW Chemistry

zalatan [ a t ]