Genome Training Grant and departmental funds are unfortunately no longer available for travel. Funds for travel to conferences will need to come from your lab.

The UW Graduate School also offers very limited funding: $300 for domestic travel, $500 for international. Please be aware that students may only receive travel awards every other fiscal year. They have recently introduced a strict application deadline. Please see Brian to apply.

New: if you will be travelling internationally to attend a conference or in any way formally affiliated with the UW or your research, there are some additional steps to take.

To make travel arrangements:

Travel arrangements / reimbursement should be done by the person in your lab who handles purchasing. If no one in your lab is designated for purchasing, or if it's helpful, you can contact Brian about travel reimbursements. Here's how it works.

It's best if conference registration arrangements are made in advance and paid by the department, using the lab budget number which will pay for your trip. If you can enter and save your online registration info via a user name / password, please provide the password info to whomever is setting up the purchase order for your registration so that the purchasing staff can use this when arranging payment.

If, as is more common, payment information must be submitted at the same time as your registration information, it's usually easiest to make a note in the purchase path request to have the purchasing staff contact you when they are ready to pay for your registration. You can then just stop by the fiscal office in Foege S-250 to provide your registration information.

You have a couple of options when making your flight arrangements:

1. If you prefer to make your own reservations online and then be reimbursed, you are welcome to do so. Reimbursements typically take 1-2 weeks and can be done right away (i.e. you do not need to wait until your return from the conference).

2. If you would rather not have the cost of airfare on your credit card for a couple of weeks before being reimbursed, you may make your arrangements via Tangerine Travel. Since flight reservations can typically only be held for 24 hours before payment is required, you'll want to make sure a purchase path request to pay for your flights is in the system right away. If you choose this route, please be sure to let the person who will be setting this up with purchasing know that you are doing this and the cost of your flights.

You can book hotels online yourself (no need to go via a travel agency). Hotel stays are reimbursed upon your return from the conference. Please be sure to provide a receipt reflecting payment. Please also be aware that the process will be greatly simplified if your receipt reflects just the amount you were charged (i.e. if you are sharing a room and the charges aren't broken out separately for each person, this makes things complicated). New: if your hotel goes over the approved lodging limit, as frequently happens with conference hotels, you will need to provide proof of some sort (a printout or pdf from the conference website) that it was a designated conference hotel.

Meals are reimbursed upon your return from the conference at standard per diem rates. You do not need to provide receipts. You should, however, provide both a flight itinerary (so that you can be reimbursed for meals while in transit) and a conference itinerary (so that it's clear whether or not meals were provided as part of the conference registration). It will also make life simpler for those working on your reimbursement - and help ensure you are reimbursed the correct amount - if you provide a list of meals that should be reimbursed.

Airport transportation will be reimbursed upon your return. Please provide a receipt reflecting payment.