You'll need a UW NetID to access computing resources, including email, online registration, and access to personal records.

The UW has recently changed its procedure for setting up a NetID and you have probably done this as part of accepting our offer to join the graduate program...but just in case this somehow didn't happen, you should create your NetID by visiting the UW IT website. You will need the Private Access Code which should be available via the application status page. Your NetID is also your UW email address....so if your NetID is "stressedout" then your email address will be "stressedout@uw.edu".

Please note that until your first quarter of tuition is paid (this typically happens during the first or second week of the quarter), your UW email service can only be used to forward email to an account of your choice. Once your initial quarter of tuition is paid, you will have full UW email access.