Course registration is done online via MyUW. You'll want to register before the end of finals week to make sure there are no problems with your U-Pass.

Regarding Insurance:

US Citizens and permanent residents should decline the standard UW student insurance coverage while registering for courses. You will automatically receive Graduate Appointee Insurance Program coverage.

International Students will automatically receive Graduate Appointee Insurance Program coverage but will also need to sign up for standard UW student insurance each quarter when registering. Please be assured that once the system recognizes that you have GAIP coverage, the standard UW student insurance charge will be removed. This cumbersome system is in place to ensure all international students at UW have insurance coverage.

Once you are ready to register:

Faculty codes used to register for research courses (Genome 501, 600, 800) are now available online. A list of available courses and schedule line numbers can be found on the UW time schedule.

Once you pass your general exam, you should enroll in Genome 800 each quarter. You should sign up for a minimum of 10 credits each quarter (except for Summer, when you should sign up for 2 credits). You'll want to vary your credits in Genome 800 to accomplish this. Registration for more than 10 credits is fine, as long as you don't go over 18.

3rd year MSTP students should enroll in ethics training (Genome 580), typically offered spring quarter each year.

Genome 520 (Seminar)
Genome 522 (Journal Club)
Genome 523 (Research Reports)
Genome 800 (Dissertation)
any desired electives, as long as the total is at least 10 credits.