Undergraduate Research

Many Genome Sciences labs have undergraduate researchers. If you are interested in gaining lab research experience, your first step is to take a look at our faculty page and identify labs doing research that you find interesting. You should then contact faculty members by email to see if they have an opening for an undergraduate researcher.

Once you begin working in a lab, you have the option of conducting research without formally enrolling for credit, if you simply want the experience and don't need to receive academic credit.

If you prefer, you may enroll in Genome 499 (undergraduate research) and receive academic credit for your efforts. Genome 499 is graded credit / no credit only. When registering, credits are variable. You should sign up for 1 credit per every 3 hours per week you expect to spend in the lab (e.g. 12 hours per week = 4 credits). You'll need to use the appropriate faculty code when enrolling. You must first obtain faculty permission before enrolling in Genome 499.

Students looking for research funding should check with the UW's Undergraduate Research Office. You might also consider applying for our department's Herschel Roman Scholarship.