Genome 361 / 371

Genome 361 (offered Winter, Spring, Summer and sometimes as a smaller course during Autumn Quarter) and Genome 371 (offered Autumn Quarter) are the introduction to Genetics courses required of UW Biology and Biochemistry majors. Both courses fill the same prerequisite and degree requirements. Genome 371 has a somewhat more intensive lab section, but both courses are challenging and cover similar content.

Because these courses are required for a large number of students, they fill up quickly. If the course fills up before you are able to enroll, you are welcome to attend the first day of the course and check in with the instructors at that point. Some space will open up as students drop during the first week. Priority will be given to graduating seniors. You are welcome to contact the course instructors ahead of time with questions, but add codes can't be given out until after that first week of class.

Please be aware that course prerequisites for Genome 371 / 361 (Biology 180 / 200) must show up in the UW system before you will be allowed to register for this course. Please do not ask to enroll in this course before your prereqs are in the UW system. If you have taken the equivalent courses at a local community college or elsewhere, please have your transcript sent to UW admissions so that it may be evaluated and added to your record.

Because of the heavy demand for this course, those who wish to repeat the course may only do so by instructor permission (i.e. if there is enough space).

Nonmatriculated students are welcome to attend the first week to see if space opens up. Please be aware, though, that priority will be given to regularly enrolled UW students. Past history has shown that your best chance of enrolling as a nonmatriculated student is Summer Quarter, when students are more likely to drop the course, and Autumn Quarter, if sections of both 361 and 371 are offered (and there are therefore more overall spaces). Spring Quarter tends to be difficult, since there are often large numbers of graduating seniors who need the course. Information on how to enroll as a nonmatriculated student is available here.

Students sometimes need to switch quiz sections. You would do well to wait until the course begins and then have the instructor help with this. Registration is closed off the day the quarter begins, so if you drop a section on your own thereafter you won't be able to register for another on your own.