Herschel Roman Scholarship

About Dr. Herschel Roman:

The Herschel and Caryl Roman Undergraduate Science Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to deserving undergraduates at the University of Washington who have an interest in genetics research.

The Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Dr. Herschel Lewis Roman, who joined the UW faculty in 1942 and founded the Department of Genetics (now known as the Department of Genome Sciences) in 1959. By the time of his retirement in 1980, he had received international recognition for his work in chromosomal behavior and genetic recombination. With his passing in 1989, his family and friends proposed this scholarship in his honor.

To Make a Donation:

If you would like to make a donation to this scholarship fund, you may do so online via the University of Washington Foundation. Simply enter "Roman Scholarship" into the search field. We are grateful for your support!

About the Scholarship:

The scholarship, which provides up to a total of $2500 for the academic year, will be awarded to one or two undergraduates who demonstrate an interest in genetic research. Award amounts depend on the number of awardees selected and available funding. The selection criteria include academic achievement and aptitude. Applicants should be juniors or seniors when funding begins in Autumn Quarter and should be enrolled for at least three quarters thereafter. By the terms of the scholarship, the awardee will participate in genetics research for at least ten hours per week and must continue to make satisfactory progress toward his or her degree. The Department of Genome Sciences will assist in selection of the laboratory in which the student works.

To apply:

The application deadline is June 1. If you would like to apply for the scholarship, fill out the application (Word | PDF) and send it along with a transcript (an unofficial web copy is fine) to Brian Giebel at bgiebel [ a t ] uw.edu. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member is also required and should be sent directly to Brian Giebel via email.

For more information, please contact Brian Giebel at bgiebel [ a t ] uw.edu.



2012-13 awardee Kai Rodgers presents his work at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.








Past Scholarship Awardees:


Lucas Cary - Queitsch Lab
Liesl Strand - Berg Lab
Cynthis Wong - Malik Lab


Alice Cheng - Noble Lab
Cambria Heuston - Waterston Lab
Miriam Williamson - Fowler Lab


Noah Hanson - Dunham Lab
Kate Harrison - Hawkins Lab
Dylan Holmes - Noble Lab


Ann Bucher
Steven Lee - Brewer-Raghuraman Lab


Evan Boyle - Shendure Lab
Paul Ellenbogen - Noble Lab
Kai Rodgers - Monnat Lab


Joanne Hsu - Villen Lab
Kiana Mohajeri - Malik Lab


Molly Gasperini - King Lab
Kelsey Haas - Brewer-Raghuraman Lab


Hannah Jordt - Queitsch Lab
Anand Kaul


Jacob Bale - Queitsch Lab
Tiffany Vu - Raskind Lab


Adam Koch – Wakimoto Lab
Chris Nicolai – Stamatoyannopoulos Lab
James Thornton – Fields Lab
Lianna Wood – Sibley Lab


Janice Chen – Horwitz Lab
Jeannie Nguyen – Raskind Lab
Baswijit Paul – Chance Lab
Katherine Reinhart – Raible Lab
Cody Wyles – Braun Lab


Andrew Hemmaplardh
Lauren Surface
Stephanie Suzuki


Lesley Everett
Kirstin Wiederholt


Duangkamol Chungsiriwat
Brian Rezvani
Kwun Wah Wen


Anna Fortin
Bryan Howie
Ursula Lang
Andrea Eberly