Information for Nonmatriculated Students

Students who are not regularly enrolled UW students but wish to take undergraduate courses have the option of enrolling as nonmatriculated students. Enrollment of this sort is done via UW Educational Outreach.

UW Educational Outreach will ask that you obtain instructor permission. You are welcome to check with the instructors before classes begin, but please be aware that it may be very difficult to enroll in high demand courses such as Genome 361 or 371. For these courses, you will be asked to first attend the first week of class to see if space becomes available. Regular UW students will have priority.

Course instructors will sign your form if space opens up after the first week, in both the instructor and department lines (you may have to remind them of this - there is no need to chase after a separate departmental signature).

Enrolling in graduate courses as a nonmatriculated student is outlined on the graduate program section of this site.