Visiting Appointments

Visiting Scholars

A Visiting Scholar is a courtesy appointment without salary for up to two years. A Visiting Scholar must hold a professorial title at another institution.

Visiting Scholar Request Form

Visiting Scientist

A Visiting Scientist appointment is a temporary appointment that can be with or without salary. The visitor cannot be enrolled as a student at another institution. The max appointment length for a Visiting Scientist is 3 months for US Citizens and 3 years for non-US citizens.

Visiting Scientist Request Form

Visiting Student/VISIT

If you will have a currently enrolled student visit your lab, they will need to come through the University's VISIT or VISER program. Please talk to the HR manager regarding the VISIT/VISER programs and their rules and regulations. VISIT stipends may not be paid on an externally funded award unless the award sponsor specifically approves payment of a stipend to an international visitor.