Sabbatical / Leave of Absence

Sabbatical / Paid Professional Leave

Academic Human Resource- Paid Professional Leave Policy

A faculty member is eligible for a professional leave in their seventh year of service to the University or in the seventh year after return from a previous professional leave. Assistant Professors are not eligible for paid professional leave until they have been reviewed and approved for tenure/promotion.

Applications for professional leave of absence should be submitted nine months in advance of the date of the proposed leave. Leaves are awarded to coincide with the normal academic quarter dates.

Paid Professional Leave Form

Leave Without Pay

Academic Human Resources- Leave Without Pay

A faculty member may apply for a full or partial leave of absence without salary. Leaves of absence are typically limited to no more than two consecutive years. Applications should be submitted prior to the start of the leave. When a leave without pay is taken, the faculty member should consult with the Benefits Office about retaining their insurance coverage during the leave.

Leave Without Pay Form