Graduate Non-Matriculated Status

A Graduate Non-Matriculated student is someone who wishes to take graduate coursework without actually being an admitted student at the time. The Department of Genome Sciences allows students to apply for this status by following the procedures outlined below.

Please be advised that obtaining Graduate Nonmatriculated status isn't an easier way to enroll in the Graduate Program. Students who have taken coursework under nonmatriculated status and later decide to apply to the Graduate Program will still undergo the same application process as all other applicants. Having taken courses as a nonmatriculated student by no means ensures a successful application to the Graduate Program.

Please also be aware that enrollment in specific courses is by instructor permission only. Some core courses will not be open to nonmatriculated students.

Application Instructions:

The application process has recently been simplified.

Please apply online via the Graduate School online application
The Graduate School has a separate list of instructions which you should access by following the link above.
Please be aware that the UW Graduate School now charges a $75 application fee for all graduate applications, including graduate non-matriculated applications.

After you have applied online, please alert Genome Sciences grad program assistant, Brian Giebel (bgiebel [at] with an email, so that he may provide departmental approval of your online application.

You will receive registration instructions from the UW Graduate School once they have received and approved your application. Registration is done via UW Educational Outreach.

Course instructors will sign your registration forms, providing both the instructor and departmental approval.