ID Cards & Transportation


Foege Building ID and building access:

Foege is a secure building and all authorized personnel are issued access cards to the building. Please do not allow anyone to “piggy back” with you in the elevator or through secured entry doors. During your orientation you will receive a signed approval form for your Health Sciences/ Foege ID badge and instructions on where to obtain the card.

Once you receive your Photo ID and Access Card, remember to email jaegera [ a t ] with the card number so that GS Foege internal door access can be added to your card.

Husky Card:

Once your appointment has been approved and your EID # has been in the UW system for 24 hours, you are eligible to receive a UW Husky Card:

The card will be used as your UW library card. You may also use your Husky Card to purchase a U-Pass, a full service transportation program with transportation Services and King County Metro, Community Transit, Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, Kitsap Transit, Everett Transit bus services, Sound Transit's Link light rail and Sounder commuter trains.

Location: Odegaard Undergrad Library. Phone #206-543-7222



You may register your Husky Card for use as a bus pass, called the U-Pass. You will have to pay for the first month via cash, check or credit card. After the first month and once you have signed-up for direct deposit, you will be able to pay for the U-Pass per calendar quarter via payroll deduction, prior to taxes (which will save you money in the course of a year).

Transportation Services:

Metro Transit:

Health Sciences Shuttle:

SLU Shuttle: