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Relocation Information:

City of Seattle Relocation Guide

City Search, Seattle


Apartment Rental Information:

(please note: we are not recommending one company or another - these are just some listings we have been made aware of over the past few years)

UW Off-Campus Housing Affairs

Apartment Advisor

Apartment Guide

Apartment List

Apodments/Calhoun properties

Hotpads Seattle apartments page with in-depth photos, information and unique features such as street view of each properties

Mercer Court Apartments (UW on-campus housing)

Pad Mapper

Pacific Northwest Housing

Radford Court Apartments


Rent to Own is an informational resource startup for the housing industry. We provide free property listing searches and we have informational articles written by industry professionals.

Rent to Own Labs

Sabbatical Homes

Seattle Craigslist

Seattle House Info

Seattle Rentals

Trulia is a search engine that provides housing and community information with detailed graphical data on rentals, commute times, recreational activities, attractions, heat maps, transportation/traffic info, crime reports, tax records, government info, etc. -- all in one spot.

World House - WORLD HOUSE is a privately-owned for profit institution whose goal is to make money by providing a diverse, multi-cultural, friendly, clean, quiet, studious, non-smoking, well-managed, and maintained living situation to students, interns, visiting scholars, and university faculty, researchers and staff. WORLD HOUSE has no affiliations with any other organizations be they academic, religious, political, social or of any other type.

Zillow Seattle apartments page with over 1,100 listings with fair rental price estimates



Neighborhood Information:

Go Northwest Neighborhoods

Seattle Guide

Seattle Rentals Neighborhood Info

Trulia Community


Childcare and Children’s Activities

UW Childcare Services (4 locations)

Offsite Daycare (listings and reviews)

Local Farmer’s Markets: With so many of them set up around Seattle, there’s undoubtedly one near your neighborhood! A great weekend activity for your whole family.

The Parent Map: Seattle’s best resource for everything family oriented. Activities, classes, preschool suggestions, recipes, you name it!

Seattle’s Child: Local education professionals and parents contribute to this site, making it rich with resources and suggestions for Seattle families.