Required Trainings

Asbestos Training Annual Asbestos Awareness Certification & Training
(required for all employees once at the start of your service)

UW Employees and Volunteers as Mandated Reporters of Suspected Child Abuse
(required for all new employees)

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
(required for all new employees)

Biosafety Training
Biosafety training is mandatory for all staff who come in contact with any form of recombinant DNA (including transgenic animals and plants), pathogenic microorganisms, human / non-human primate tissues (including cell lines), or other biohazardous agents. This training must be renewed every 3 years.

UW Medicine (UWM) IT Security training
(required for all new employees)
The training takes 10-20 minutes. Completion will be recorded and training will not have to be repeated.

Violence Prevention Training
(required for all employees, renew every 2 years)

Other trainings for research laboratories
These required trainings help those conducting research at the UW to comply with external sponsor and internal requirements and/or to reduce risk to the researcher. Which trainings are required for you largely depend on what your research involves.


Optional Trainings

Social Media Guidelines at the UW
(recommended, but not required)

POD (professional development opportunities)
(optional training and development opportunities – if you are interested in attending a class, please obtain approval from your supervisor.)