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Mailing address for Genome Science
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Mailing address for Genome Sciences:
University of Washington
Department of Genome Sciences
South Foege Building
3720 15th Ave NE
Campus Box 355065
Seattle, WA 98195-5065

(If an item must be shipped via UPS or FedEx, please have the sender include your room number or our Administration office room number, S250 – do not include the campus box number. The box number should only be used in place of the room number when shipping via USPS or Campus Mail.)

Main department phone number:   206-221-7377
Department fax number: 206-685-7301
Admin Office S250

All inter-office and USPS mail comes through our main admin office located is S250. Located at the front of the office are mail slots which will be where your mail is delivered and it is your responsibility to check your mail box regularly.  Outgoing mail goes through this office as well and boxes are labeled depending on how you are sending your mail (FedEx, regular stamped mail, campus mail, and budgeted mail).  You can also drop off outgoing mail in the designated bins in the cabinets below the mail slots.  To send items that need a budget sticker ask for one at the front desk.

All FedEx Express packages are picked up daily, however if you have a FedEx ground package that must be sent, please let the front desk of the Administration office know so we can schedule a pickup.

UW Email:
To set-up your email account for the first time, please visit UW IT.
Please send your new UW email address to ktroyer [ a t ]

To access your email account remotely, log into MyUW.

For all IT related issues, please email gsithelp [ a t ] and an IT team member will be assigned to your issue and get back to you in a timely manner. Please visit the IT website for a listing of their services.

Our Facilities Manager, Beth Hammermeister, can be contacted directly at bethh [ a t ] or gsadmin [ a t ]  Please contact Beth for maintenance, lab set up, keys, replacement access cards and lockers. The facilities website is also a good starting point for your facilities related questions. 

UW Voicemail:
Instructions to set-up voicemail

The department has an entire administrative team to support GS faculty with everything from payroll and purchasing to event support and facilities issues. For all general administration or operational issues please email gsadmin [ a t ] and your email will be assigned to the appropriate administrative staff to best serve you.

Husky Card:
The Husky Card is the official identification card for members of the UW community and is available to students, faculty and permanent staff. Obtaining a Husky Card gives you access to a variety of services, conveniences and opportunities.

To obtain your Husky Card visit a Husky Card Account & ID Center Location.

The closest Husky Card center is located in the Health Sciences Building in room BB-120.
EID number and photo ID are required to obtain a Husky card.

Transportation Services has a variety of transportation options available on their website. Discounted bus passes and parking on campus require the purchase of a UPASS. A UPASS can be purchased from commuter services after you have obtained a Husky card. Payment can be made to commuter services directly or through payroll deductions. Transportation Services is located at 1320 NE Campus Parkway and they are open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-5pm.

Resources on the Genome Sciences web site:
Among the many things listed on the department website is a calendar of departmental events such as weekly seminars, faculty chalk talks, journal clubs, dissertation defenses, Friday social hours, faculty meetings, yearly symposium and holiday parties. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with this calendar and add events of interest to your personal calendar.

Another helpful tool on the department website is instructions for booking a conference room. The building has five conference rooms available to faculty, students and staff. Reservations are required and availability is posted on the website.

All purchasing in the department is done through a program called PurchasePATH. All regular office and teaching supplies will be purchased on state funds. You can decide whether you want to enter these items yourself or have an administrative staff member place the order on your behalf. To get set up in PurchasePATH, please email Gloria at ditto [ a t ] with your availability to meet for training of the system.

General office supplies are available in the main admin office located in S250. Also available is the use of a color and black and white printer, copier, scanner and fax machine. If there are specific office supplies that you need that aren’t available in the copy room, please see the front desk to request these items be ordered, or send an email to gsadmin [ a t ] with your supply order.

The department also supplies coffee and tea for the staff. These can be received at the front desk and are kept in the kitchenette located on every floor.

Emergency Information and Procedures

Designated emergency authorities are as follows:

In the event of a building evacuation and/or emergency remain calm and follow instructions given by emergency authorities. Use the nearest stairwell to exit the building – do not use elevators during an emergency evacuation. The primary Evacuation Assembly Points (EAPs) South Foege is the Foege Lawn (Grassy area east of Foege and South of Skamania Lane). The secondary EAP is the Fisheries Lawn between the Fishery Sciences Building and the W35 parking lot.

Do not enter the building until you see the green all clear sign waved by the Evacuation Director/s.

For complete instructions on how to handle fire emergencies/alarms, earthquakes, hazardous materials spills/release, bomb threats, suspicious packages/mail, anthrax threat, medical emergencies, and/or civil demonstrations, please reference the department’s complete emergency evacuation and operations plan.