Foege South Building Requests

Call 911 (24/7) for all true emergencies.

If you use any campus phone, UW Police will respond. They can track your call electronically to identify your location.

Seattle Police will respond if you call from a cell phone or any non-campus phone. You must tell them your location.

UW Seattle Campus Police also have a non-emergency number:
206-685-8973 (685-UWPD)

For All Building Repairs and Maintenance Requests:

Email gsadmin [ a t ] Your request will be addressed, and you will be updated by a GS Admin Staff Person through our Request Tracker system Mondays-Fridays during regular business hours.

After Hours Service for Emergency Maintenance Issues

After 5:00pm weekdays and anytime on weekends:

Call (206) 685-1900 and press 0 for emergency requests. Your call will be forwarded to FOMS (Facilities, Operations, Maintenance Specialists) via UWPD. A FOMS staff person will come to the building to check on the problem. If needed, they will call in a technician or repair person.

When calling in an emergency, clearly provide the following information:

1. I have a RESEARCH AREA (heating, cooling, etc.) EMERGENCY and I need immediate assistance from Facilities Services.

2. The problem is located in South Foege / Genome Sciences [ROOM NUMBER].

3. My name is [YOUR NAME].

4. I can be contacted at [PHONE NUMBER].

5. The problem is [briefly describe problem].

Here is the link to the after hours information website: