Equipment Inventory Procedures


The UW tracks all equipment with a purchase price of $5000.00 or more. The 5K threshold includes tax, freight, and installation. Therefore, an item costing $4520.00 before tax is inventorial. The Equipment Inventory Office requires equipment to be tagged with a unique barcode and that number entered into Oasis (the UW inventory database) within 3-7 days of the equipment’s arrival in the building.

Visit this link for additional information on the 5K equipment tagging threshold:

Some pieces of equipment cannot physically hold a tag. Rotors and lenses are examples of “No Tag Assets”. In this case, the tag number is affixed to the Genome Sciences Equipment Tracking Form and the number is entered into Oasis.

How to tag your piece of equipment

1. Download the Genome Sciences equipment tracking form and fill it out.

2. The day that your new piece of equipment arrives, email gsadmin [ a t ] to request a tag.  The UW requires all equipment be tagged within 3-7 days of arriving in the building.

3. Beth Hammermeister or a GS Facilities staff person will meet with you to affix the tag and verify that the information on the Equipment Tracking Form is correct. Please have your piece of equipment unpacked from its shipping box.

4. Your part is complete.



Trade In  –  A purchase of equipment is considered a trade in when one or more pieces of existing equipment are given to the vendor for a specified dollar amount discount. If the total cost of the new purchase (paid amount plus discounted amount) is $5,000 or more, the new purchase must be tagged.

Trade In Procedure

Work with your vendor to determine which existing equipment will be part of the trade in and how much money they will assign to the trade-in assets.

Notify gsadmin [ a t ] that a trade in is planned. 

When entering the order in PurchasePATH, list the value and the EIO tag number of any items included as part of the trade in. Verify that the vendor’s quote which you have attached in PurchasePATH matches your line items.



All lab equipment must be decontaminated before being surplussed. Here is a link to the decontamination form.
Affix the completed Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form to each piece of lab equipment that you are surplussing.

2. Email gsadmin [ a t ] 

Include the following:
Brief description of item
Equipment Inventory Tag # (applies only to inventorial equipment)
Location of item

3. Mark your box or equipment with the words FOR SURPLUS.

4. GS Facilities staff will let you know when the items will be picked up.


Inventorial equipment as well as non-inventorial items such as used office equipment, broken fans, binders, etc. can be surplussed. Small miscellaneous, non-inventorial items destined for Surplus don’t have to be individually labeled. They can be put in a box marked “Miscellaneous”.

The list of items that can be surplussed is extensive. 
Here is a link to items that CAN’T be surplussed:

For HHMI equipment, first contact John Flickinger (flickingerj [ a t ] to get his approval to surplus. After you have received approval, the HHMI tag can be removed and the item can be surplussed.