Choose Your Thesis Advisor

Toward the end of spring quarter, you will choose a Thesis Advisor. Normally, the advisor will be one of the full-time Genome Sciences faculty (Akey, Berg, Borenstein, Brewer, Bruce, Dunham, Eichler, Felsenstein, Fields, Fowler, Furlong, Green, Hawkins, Jarvik, King, Lee, MacCoss, Monnat, Nickerson, Noble, Pallanck, Queitsch, Shendure, J. Stamatoyannopoulos, Swanson, Thomas, Trapnell, Villen, Waterston, Wolf-Yadlin). However, if the desired training opportunity is not available within the department, a request for supervision of thesis research by an adjunct or affiliate training faculty member is allowed. It should be recognized that, unlike regular Genome Sciences faculty, adjunct faculty members are not under any obligation to sponsor Ph.D. theses, since they have primary responsibilities in other departments.

Once you've selected a chosen a thesis lab, you and your advisor should sign the Summary of Mentor Responsibilities form and submit this to Brian Giebel. This requirement is intended to ensure faculty members are aware of their responsibilities to students.

Outside resources that may be useful to you include:

The UW Graduate school provides: "How to Obtain the Mentoring You Need: A Graduate School Guide".