Payroll & Employee Self-Service (ESS)


Paydays are typically the 10th and the 25th of every month.  If payday falls on a weekend or holiday the date you will be paid is predetermined by the State of Washington. 


If you are unable to get signed up for direct deposit by your first pay check, you will be able to pick up your check with the admin staff in S250C after 11am. For Staff and Faculty working off-site, arrangements can be made for your check to be mailed to your home address. 

Direct Deposit

To sign up for direct deposit please use MyUW Employee Self Service.  Direct deposits are placed into your account at 12 am on payday.


To fill out your W-4 tax document for the first time, or to make changes to your current exemptions, please log into ESS.

It is important to keep your home mailing address and emergency contact information up to date in ESS. If you are unable to pick up your W-2 by January 31st, it will be mailed to the address in ESS.

Pay Advice Slips

Pay Advice Slips are available online through ESS and can typically be viewed a day or two in advance of your direct deposit taking place.