Education Outreach
Biology and medicine are changing dramatically as we begin the 21st century. Deciphering the human genome, the blueprint for human heredity, will lead to fundamental changes in the way science and medicine are practiced. New information from the Human Genome Project will present striking social and ethical challenges as well as unique opportunities that require citizens to understand science to make informed decisions. To prepare society for these challenges, we need to develop state-of-the-art curricula in both science and ethics for K-12 schools.

UW Genome Sciences develops innovative programs that bring leading-edge science to teachers and students in K-12 schools. These programs provide interdisciplinary, hands-on science curricula, teacher training, equipment, and support to promote systemic change in schools. Please see the Education Outreach website for more information

Public Lecture Series
The human genome is our complete DNA sequence of 3 billion letters specifying all of our hereditary information. The determination of this sequence – completed in the last few years – will have a tremendous impact on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. The UW Department of Genome Sciences is one of the leading centers where the genome is being interpreted and where new technologies for this analysis are being developed.

These exciting discussions assume no background knowledge in genetics or other biological subjects and provide opportunities to chat with our presenters. Lectures are generally held during July.