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July 10 - July 31
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Wednesdays, 6:00 | Foege Auditorium




New Faculty

Genome Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Saori Sakaue has accepted our offer to join the department as an assistant professor. Dr. Sakaue received her MD/PhD from the University of Tokyo, where she worked on genetic analyses of global biobanks. She conducted postdoctoral research with Soumya Raychaudhuri at Harvard, focusing on developing single-cell genomics tools to understand the role of genetic variants in gene regulation. Her lab will focus on developing and using statistical genetics tools to integrate molecular data for understanding disease mechanisms, ultimately addressing clinical challenges for future patients.

Genome Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. William DeWitt has accepted our offer to join the department as an assistant professor. Dr. DeWitt was a graduate student with Kelley Harris and Frederick Matsen in Genome Sciences and the Fred Hutch Cancer Center, and a postdoctoral fellow with Yun Song at the University of California, Berkeley. Throughout his career, he has tackled computational and theoretical problems in evolutionary dynamics and quantitative immunology. His lab will pursue work in probabilistic and dynamical modeling, statistical inference, and machine learning, all grounded by questions about evolving biological systems.

Department News

Elliott Swanson has been awarded a Curci Fellowship.
Syd Sattler, Renee Geck, Skylar Thompson, and Atom Lesiak have received the inaugural Genome Sciences Department Outstanding Service Award.
Gabby Ferra has been awarded the Bonita and David Brewer Fellowship.

Introducing the Genome Sciences 2024 incoming class:

Ayomikun Akinrinade - UC Irvine
Carina Biar - Northwestern University
Kyle Brandt - University of Minnesota
Ben Cohen Stillman - UC Davis
Alex Donny - University of Minnesota
Zanny Ham - Hamilton College
Rachael Hu - University of Washington
Lucas Kerr - UW MSTP
Anna Leipertz - UC Berkeley
Carlo Melendez - Western Washington University
Jyoti Rai - University of South Alabama
Yash Sonthalia - Johns Hopkins University
Megan Taylor - University of Washington
Karl Young - Reed College



Conor Kelly
and Bo Wen have received NSF Fellowships. Erik Bergstrom and Connor Finkbeiner have received honorable mention.
Candice Young has received the award for best trainee talk at the TAGC 2024 Symposium.
Su-In Lee has received the ISCB Innovator Award.
Brian Beliveau and Devin Schweppe have received a WM Keck grant. This collaboration between the University of Washington and the University of California, Los Angeles, will establish an entirely new approach to enable robust, scalable, and easily accessible methods for single-cell proteomics.

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