Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 29
Dissertation Defense:
Anna Bakhtina | Bruce Lab, Ph.D. in Genome Sciences
"Application of quantitative cross-linking mass spectrometry methods to study interactome differences"
9:30 | Orin Smith Auditorium, South Lake Union C Building | remote viewing option | flier

Wednesday, May 29
Genome Sciences Seminar: Dr. Rajiv McCoy | Johns Hopkins University
"Human genome evolution within and across generations"
3:30 | Foege Auditorium | remote viewing option | flier | talk will be recorded | GS postdoctoral alum

Thursday, May 30
Dissertation Defense: Eliza Barkan
 | Trapnell Lab, Ph.D. in Molecular & Cellular Biology
"Embryo-scale single-cell chemical transcriptomics reveals dependencies between cell types and signaling pathways"
10:00 | Foege Auditoriun | remote viewing option | flier

New Faculty

Genome Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Nobuhiko Hamazaki has accepted an offer to be a joint faculty member in Genome Sciences, Ob-Gyn, and ISCRM, based in the South Lake Union campus in Ob-Gyn research space and has joined our department. He was a graduate student at Kyoto University, and a postdoctoral fellow at Kyushu University, where he worked to establish a method to induce oocytes from mouse pluripotent stem cells entirely in vitro. He then worked with Jay Shendure in Genome Sciences on stem cell-derived human gastruloids. Dr. Hamazaki’s research lies at the interface of peri-implantation embryonic development; reproductive biology; stem cell engineering; and genomic technology.

Genome Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Chia-Lin Wei from the Jackson Laboratory has accepted our offer to be a professor in the department and director of the Northwest Genomics Center and has joined our department. Dr. Wei’s research program includes the development and optimization of new genomic technologies and the analysis of chromatin structure. Dr. Wei has built and directed three large-scale sequencing centers, at the Genome Institute of Singapore, the Joint Genome Institute and the Jackson Laboratory.

Department News

Introducing the Genome Sciences 2024 incoming class:

Ayomikun Akinrinade - UC Irvine
Carina Biar - Northwestern University
Kyle Brandt - University of Minnesota
Ben Cohen Stillman - UC Davis
Alex Donny - University of Minnesota
Zanny Ham - Hamilton College
Rachael Hu - University of Washington
Lucas Kerr - UW MSTP
Anna Leipertz - UC Berkeley
Carlo Melendez - Western Washington University
Jyoti Rai - University of South Alabama
Yash Sonthalia - Johns Hopkins University
Megan Taylor - University of Washington
Karl Young - Reed College

We are now accepting applictions for the Roman Undergraduate Scholarship.



Conor Kelly
and Bo Wen have received NSF Fellowships. Erik Bergstrom and Connor Finkbeiner have received honorable mention.
Feder Lab undergraduate researcher Dylan Clark has received the Thomas Sedlock Icon Scholarship.
Candice Young has received the award for best trainee talk at the TAGC 2024 Symposium.
Syd Sattler is featured on the UW School of Medicine website.
Su-In Lee has received the ISCB Innovator Award.
Brian Beliveau and Devin Schweppe have received a WM Keck grant. This collaboration between the University of Washington and the University of California, Los Angeles, will establish an entirely new approach to enable robust, scalable, and easily accessible methods for single-cell proteomics.
David Baker, Riza Daza, Evan Eichler, Bill Noble, Jay Shendure, and Cole Trapnell have been named to the 2023 Highly Cited Researchers list from Clarivate.
Genome Sciences Education Outreach has been awarded the Silver Medal Award at the International Serious Play Conference for the Blood Sugar Balance webgame. Blood Sugar Balance offers an engaging educational experience focusing on glucose metabolism and its role in type 2 diabetes.
Shawn Fayer and Renee Geck have been awarded Parker Travel Awards for best poster at the 2023 department retreat.
Genome Sciences awarded three Well-Being Grants to support the GS Garden Club Expansion, GS Hackathon, and Let’s have an awesome time doing science symposium.
Curran Oi has been awarded an NRSA Fellowship.
Maitreya Dunham has been awarded the Ira Herskowitz Award from the Genetics Society of America.
Andrew Mullen has been awarded an NRSA Fellowship.
Robin Aguilar has been selected as the artist for the 2023 SACNAS conference.
Syd Sattler has been awarded a Curci Fellowship.
Genn Merrihew has been awarded the Distinguished Staff Award for Impact, and members of the Husky Coronavirus Testing Team - including Zack Acker, Chris Frazar, Kathryn McCaffrey, David Reinhart, Erica Ryke and Sanjay Srivatsan - have been awarded the Distinguished Staff Award for Innovation.
Junhong Choi has received an NIH K99/R00: Pathway to Independence Award.
Haedong Kim has been awarded a 2023 WRF Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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