Hiring Permanent Staff

  1. Contact HR Manager, to discuss the process.

  2. Please fill out the permanent staff position information form and return to HR manager.

  3. HR manager will make any necessary edits and send the job description back to the hiring manager for final approval.

  4. HR will advise the hiring manager regarding compensation for the position, which will be based on both the budgeted amount and equity for the position.

  5. Permanent positions can be professional staff or classified staff. Based on the job description, HR will determine if the position is professional or classified.

  6. Once the job description has been reviewed by HR, it will be sent to UW’s Central HR office for final review and approval. This process can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks - it will depend on workload at Central HR.

  7. For professional staff recruitments, resumes are sent to the department on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. For classified staff recruitments, resumes are sent after the position has closed, Central HR has reviewed the resumes for minimum qualifications, and the lay-off list has been check and cleared (this usually takes about 1 week following the close of the recruitment).

  8. Once resumes are received, they will be shared via a folder on Google Docs. The shared folder will also have a spreadsheet for the interview committee to keep track of candidate information and notes. The committee with share applicant status with HR via the shared spreadsheet on Google Docs.

  9. Once the committee has wrapped up phone screens, interviews, and reference checks, the hiring manager will send the name of the final candidate to HR manager with the monthly salary rate and the proposed start date. This information will then be sent to Central HR for review and approval.

  10. Depending on the job description, the final candidate may or may not need a background check. In the event the candidate needs a background check, HR will need the candidate’s date of birth and email address. The background check can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks; processing time cannot be predicted. Keeping this in mind, if a background check is required for the new hire, he/she cannot start work at the UW until the background check has cleared and the department has been given approval to enter the new employee into payroll.

If at any time you have questions regarding the above noted steps to hire a permanent staff member, please do not hesitate to contact HR for assistance.

NOTE: When interviewing, please be sure to have candidates sign the “Reference Check Consent Form,” which gives the hiring official consent to check the applicant’s references.