Performance Reviews

The University of Washington requires formal performance evaluations at least annually for Contract Classified, Classified Non Union, and Professional Staff employees.

The recommended process is as follows:

  1. Employee completes a self-evaluation

  2. Supervisor completes the employee evaluation

  3. The two meet to compare and discuss evaluations

  4. Both employee and supervisor sign and date the final evaluation and return it to GS Human Resources

  5. Employee receives a copy

  6. If the employee disagrees with the supervisor’s assessment of the evaluation, s/he can attach comments to the final evaluation; both will be kept in the personnel file

  7. Evaluations are required annually and must be completed by June 30th.


Performance Evaluation Rules and Forms:

The evaluation session between the employee and the supervisor should also be used to discuss performance factors and goals for the next review period.

Following the evaluation process, if an employee’s job description has been modified in any way, the updates must be sent to Human Resources for review and concurrence. The most current job description on file should reflect the employee’s current and/or new responsibilities.

To comply with UW School of Medicine policy, each employee is to complete and sign a new Privacy, Confidentiality and Info Security Agreement (PCISA).  Completed forms can be placed in the HR box in S250.

The following items should be routed to HR for retention in the employee file:

In conjunction with the annual performance review process, supervisors should prompt employees to take the following required trainings:

NOTE: Performance evaluations shall not be used to initiate personnel actions such as transfer, promotion, or discipline. However, evaluations may serve as supporting documentation for personnel actions.

Please contact HR Manager if you have any questions about the evaluation process.