Workplace Injury

How to report an accident, incident or near miss:

  1. Notify your supervisor or lab manager as soon as possible of your accident, incident, or near miss.

  2. Fill out the online accident report (OARS) form and submit it within 24 hours. The supervisor, lab manager, or person who had the accident can fill out the form.

  3. For serious accidents and for each time a visit to the hospital is needed, call EH&S at 206-543-7262 within 4 hours of the incident (during regular business hours). After regular business hours, call UW Police at 206-685-UWPD (8973) and they will notify EH&S. Do not clean up or move any equipment involved in a serious accident until EH&S has received clearance from State investigators.

  4. As soon as possible, inform GS Admin of the incident:
    Email gsadmin [ a t ], stop by S250, or phone the Admin Front desk at 206-221-7377.

Note: for any life threatening incident, call 911 immediately.