Genome Sciences Seminars

Each year, the UW Department of Genome Sciences brings the world’s leading researchers from a broad spectrum of scientific areas to campus to discuss latest advances in genetics, genomics, proteomics, computational research and related emerging tools and technologies

All Genome Sciences Seminars take place at 3:30 on Wednesdays in Foege Auditorium unless otherwise noted.
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Winter 2015

March 4 - Dr. Dana Pe'er
Columbia University
“Dimensionality in data: the power of single cells”

March 11 - Dr. Yaniv Erlich
Whitehead Institute, MIT
student invited speaker

March 18 - Dr. Michael Beer
Johns Hopkins University
"Predicting the Impact of Regulatory Mutations from DNA Sequence"



Spring 2015

April 1 - Dr. Charles Boone
University of Toronto

April 8 - Dr. Denise Montell 
UC Santa Barbara

April 15 - Dr. Duncan Odom
University of Cambridge

April 22 - Dr. Nadav Ahituv
UC San Francisco

April 29 - Dr. Scott Edwards
Harvard University

May 6 - Dr. Rob Martienssen
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

May 11 - Dr. Craig Mello
University of Massachusetts; HHMI

May 20 - Dr. Adam Arkin
UC Berkeley

May 27 - Dr. Alexander Stark
Research Institute of Molecular Pathology

June 3 - Dr. Howard Jacob
Medical College of Wisconsin


Autumn 2015

September 30 - Dr. Melissa Kemp
Georgia Tech

October 7 - Dr. Andrew Ellington
University of Texas

October 14 -

October 21 -

October 28 -

November 4 - Dr. Jeanne Lawrence
University of Massachusetts Medical School

November 18 -

December 2 -

December 9 -