Genome Sciences Seminars

Wednesdays, 3:30, Foege Auditorium (Foege S-060) unless otherwise noted

UW Genome Sciences brings leading researchers from a broad spectrum of scientific areas to campus to discuss the latest advances in genetics, genomics, proteomics, computational research and related emerging tools and technologies.

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Winter 2018


January 17 - Dr. William Gahl
"The NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program and Network"



Thursday, January 18 - Dr. Kirsten Frieda
"Seeing cell histories with MEMOIR"
Faculty Candidate Seminar
2:30, Foege Auditorium

January 24 - Dr. Terry Orr-Weaver
"Developmental Regulation of DNA Replication to Control Cell Size and Gene Copy Number"




Thursday, January 25 - Dr. Brian Beliveau
Harvard University
"Oligo-based technologies for visualizing genome organization in individual cells"
Faculty Candidate Seminar
12:30, Foege Auditorium

Monday, January 29 - Dr. Casey Gifford
UC San Francisco
"Oligogenic Inheritance and Effects of Modifier Genes in Cardiovascular Disease"
Faculty Candidate Seminar
3:00, Foege Auditorium

January 31 -

Thursday, February 1 - Dr. Xuebing Wu
The Whitehead Institute
"Deciphering noncoding messages in messenger RNAs"
Faculty Candidate Seminar
12:30, Foege Auditorium

February 7 - Dr. Emily Leproust
Twist Bioscience

February 14 - Dr. Michael Bassik
Stanford University

February 21 -

February 28 - Dr. Maria Barna
Stanford University
student-invited speaker

March 7 - Dr. Joshua Elias
Stanford University

March 14 - Dr. Paul Blainey
Broad Institute


Spring 2018

March 28 - Dr. Daniel MacArthur
Broad Institute

April 4 - Dr. Rick McLaughlin

April 11 - Dr. Suzanne McGaugh
University of Minnesota

April 18 - Dr. John Marioni
University of Cambridge

April 25 - Dr. Suleyman Gulsuner
University of Washington Medical Genetics

May 2 - Dr. Erich Jarvis
The Rockefeller University

May 9 - Dr. Rachel Dutton
UC San Diego
WiGS-invited speaker

May 16 - Dr. Sekar Kathiresan
Massachusetts General Hospital, Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School

May 23 - Dr. Gautam Dantas
Washington University

May 30 - Dr. Sarah Tishkoff
University of Pennsylvania