Past Journal Club

5/9/18 -

Rebecca Martin
Dawe et al. A Kinesin-14 Motor Activates Neocentromeres to Promote Meiotic Drive in Maize. Cell. DOI:

Hannah Pliner
Myhrvold et al. Field-deployable viral diagnostics using CRISPR-Cas13. Science 27 Apr 2018: Vol. 360, Issue 6387, pp. 444-448.

5/8/18 -

Danny Lawrence
Parameswaran P, et al. Intrahost Selection Pressures Drive Rapid Dengue Virus Microevolution in Acute Human Infections. Cell Host Microbe. 2017 Sep 13;22(3):400-410.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.chom.2017.08.003.

4/24/18 -

Kyle Hess
Franzmann, et al. Phase separation of a yeast prion protein promotes cellular fitness. Science Vol. 359, Issue 6371

Chris Large
Akera, et al. Spindle asymmetry drives non-Mendelian chromosome segregation. Science 358, 668-672 (2017).

4/17/18 -

Anja Ollodart
Voyles, et al. Shifts in disease dynamics in a tropical amphibian assemblage are not due to pathogen attenuation. Sciene. 30 Mar 2018 : 1517-1519

Bianca Ruiz
Acevedo, et al. Changes in global translation elongation or initiation rates shape the proteome via the Kozak sequence. Scientific Reports volume 8, Article number: 4018(2018). doi:10.1038/s41598-018-22330-9

4/10/18 -

Jolie Carlisle
VanKuren, N. W. & Long, M. Gene duplicates resolving sexual conflict rapidly evolved essential gametogenesis functions. Nat Ecol Evol 2, 705–712 (2018).

Steven Lee
Lisa Bastarache, et al. Phenotype risk scores identify patients with unrecognized Mendelian disease patterns. Science 16 Mar 2018 : 1233-1239

4/3/18 -

Emily Killingbeck -

Harkins CP, Pichon B, Doumith M, Parkhill J, Westh H, Tomasz A, de Lencastre H, Bentley SD, Kearns AM, Holden MTG. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus emerged long before the introduction of methicillin into clinical practice. Genome Biol 2017 07/20;18(1):130.

Alberto Rivera -

Patel et al (2018).  DNA Conformation Induces Adaptable Binding by Tandem Zinc Finger Proteins.  Cell 173, 221–233

3/27/18 -

Judit Villen

Piazza I, Kochanowski K, Cappelletti V, Fuhrer T, Noor E, Sauer U, Picotti P (2018). A Map of Protein-Metabolite Interactions Reveals Principles of Chemical Communication. Cell 172: 358–372.e23.

Sanjay Srivatsan

A fungal pathogen that robustly manipulates the behavior of Drosophila melanogaster in the laboratory. Carolyn Elya, Tin Ching Lok, Quinn E Spencer, Hayley McCausland, Ciera C Martinez, Michael B Eisen bioRxiv 232140; doi:

3/6/18 -

Clara Amorosi

Lindsey AR, Rice DW, Bordenstein SR, Brooks AW, Bordenstein SR, Newton IL. (2018). Evolutionary genetics of cytoplasmic incompatibility genes cifA and cifB in prophage WO of Wolbachia. Genome biology and evolution.

Andy Lin

Black O, Cody R, et al. Identification of polymers and organic gunshot residue in evidence from 3D-printed firearms using DART-mass spectrometry: A feasibility study

2/27/18 -

Serena Liu

Du et al., "Genome-wide identification of interferon-sensitive mutations enables influenza vaccine design." Science 359, 290-296 (2018).

Colin Manoil

Kolata, Why is this bacterium hiding in human tumors? New York Times, Nov 23, 2017

Bullman et al, Analysis of Fusobacterium persistence and antibiotic response in colorectal cancer, Science 358, 1443 (2017)

2/20/18 -

Sarah Hilton
Pastuzyn, E. D., Day, C. E., Kearns, R. B., Kyrke-Smith, M., Taibi, A. V., McCormick, J., & Briggs, J. A. (2018). The neuronal gene Arc encodes a repurposed retrotransposon Gag protein that mediates intercellular RNA transfer. Cell, 172(1), 275-288.

Mitchell Vollger
Sergej Nowoshilow el al. The axolotl genome and the evolution of key tissue formation regulators. Nature 554.

2/13/18 -

Martin Mathay
McCabe, AL. et al. Conformational Changes That Coordinate the Activity of BamA and BamD Allowing Beta-Barrel Assembly. J. Bacteriol. 199, 20 (2017).

Jared Mohr
Guo, H., Bueler, S. A. & Rubinstein, J. L. Atomic model for the dimeric F0 region of mitochondrial ATP synthase. Science 358, 936-940 (2017).

2/6/18 -

April Lo
McGranahan et al. Allele-Specific HLA Loss and Immune Escape in Lung Cancer Evolution. Cell (2017).

Anna Minkina
Falk et al. Heterochromatin drives organization of conventional and inverted nuclei. bioRxiv, posted online 1/9/2018.

1/30/18 -

Abby Keller
Gibeaux et al. Paternal chromosome loss and metabolic crisis contribute to hybrid inviability in Xenopus. Nature 553, 337–341

1/23/18 -

Molly Gasperini
Identification of Pre-Existing Adaptive Immunity to Cas9 Proteins in Humans. Carsten T. Charlesworth et al. bioRxiv posted online Jan. 5, 2018;

1/16/18 -

Maitreya Dunham
Emanuel Schmid-Siegert, Namrata Sarkar, et al. Low number of fixed somatic mutations in a long-lived oak tree. Nature Plants 3, 926–929 (2017).

Jonathan Packer
Shaffer et al. Rare cell variability and drug-induced reprogramming as a mode of cancer drug resistance. Nature (2017).

1/9/18 -

Ian Smith
Lobingier et al. An Approach to Spatiotemporally Resolve Protein Interaction Networks in Living Cells. Cell (2017).

12/5/17 -

Claudia Espinoza
Sadiya Khan, Sanjiv Shah, et al. A null mutation in SERPINE1 protects against biological aging in humans. Science Advances 15 Nov 2017: EAAO1617.

Anthony Valente
Clift et al., A Method for the Acute and Rapid Degradation of Endogenous Proteins. Cell. January 11, 2018

11/28/17 -

Ken Jean-Baptiste
Gaudelli, Nicole M., Alexis C. Komor, Holly A. Rees, Michael S. Packer, Ahmed H. Badran, David I. Bryson, and David R. Liu. 2017. “Programmable Base Editing of A•T to G•C in Genomic DNA without DNA Cleavage.” Nature, October.

Cox, David B. T., Jonathan S. Gootenberg, Omar O. Abudayyeh, Brian Franklin, Max J. Kellner, Julia Joung, and Feng Zhang. 2017. “RNA Editing with CRISPR-Cas13.” Science, October.

Cindy Yeh
Murray et al. Natural selection shaped the rise and fall of passenger pigeon genomic diversity. Science, 17 Nov 2017.

11/21/17 -

Madeleine Geisheker
Tobias Hirsch, Tobias Rothoeft, Norbert Teig et al. Regeneration of the entire human epidermis using transgenic stem cells. Nature (2017). doi :10.1038/nature24487

11/14/17 -

Celeste Berg
Hong Ma, Nuria Marti-Gutierrez, Sang-Wook Park, et al. Correction of a pathogenic gene mutation in human embryos. Nature (2017) doi:10.1038/nature23305

Katherine Xue
Starr, Picton, and Thornton. 2017. Alternative evoltuionary histories in the sequence space of an ancient protein. Nature: doi:10.1038/nature23902

Starr et al. 2017. Pervasive contingency and entrenchment in a billion years of Hsp90 evolution. bioRxiv.

11/7/17 -

Lindsay Pino

Direct-to-Consumer Canine Genetic Testing:

E. Ostrander, et al. "Demographic history, selection and functional diversity of the canine genome". Nature Reviews Genetics 2017.

10/31/17 -

Emma Hoppe
Jin, Eser, Struhl, & Churchman (2017). The Ground State and Evolution of Promoter Region Directionality. Cell, 170(5): 889-898.e10.

Khrystyna North
Schwendner, P. et al. Preparing for the crewed Mars journey: microbiota dynamics in the confined Mars500 habitat during simulated Mars flight and landing. Microbiome 5, 129 (2017).

10/24/17 -

Damon May
"Inactivation of porcine endogenous retrovirus in pigs using CRISPR-Cas9", Niu et al., Science 2017

10/17/17 -

Bill Noble
Michal Kosinski, Yilun Wang. Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images.

10/10/17 -

Amanda Larson
Chaitanya L et al. 2017. Bringing colour back after 70 years: Predicting eye and hair colour from skeletal remains of World War II victims using the HIrisPlex system. Forensic Science Int Genet. 26: 48-57

Walsh S et al. 2017. Global skin colour prediction from DNA. Hum Genet. 136(7):847-863

10/3/17 -

Sebé-Pedrós A, et al. High-Throughput Proteomics Reveals the Unicellular Roots of Animal Phosphosignaling and Cell Differentiation. Dev Cell. 2016 Oct 24;39(2):186-197. doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2016.09.019. Epub 2016 Oct 13.

A useful review: Sebé-Pedrós A, et al. The origin of Metazoa: a unicellular perspective. Nat Rev Genet. 2017 Aug;18(8):498-512. doi: 10.1038/nrg.2017.21. Epub 2017 May 8.

5/30/17 -

Colby Samstag -

Cytosolic proteostasis through importing of misfolded proteins into mitochondria.
Linhao Ruan, Chuankai Zhou, Erli Jin, Andrei Kucharavy, Ying Zhang, Zhihui Wen, Laurence Florens & Rong Li

5/23/17 -

Jason Klein
Chen, Capellini, et al. Heads, Shoulders, Elbows, Knees, and Toes: Modular Gdf5 Enhancers Control Different Joints in the Vertebrate Skeleton. PLOS Genetics.

Phil Green
Tomasetti C et al. (2017) Stem cell divisions, somatic mutations, cancer etiology, and cancer prevention. Science 355 : 1330-1334.

5/16/17 -

Greg Findlay
Erlich, Y., Zielinski, D.  DNA Fountain enables a robust and efficient storage architectureScience 355 (6328), 950-954.

Seungsoo Kim
Takahashi et al. (2017) Integration of CpG-free DNA induces de novo methylation of CpG islands in pluripotent stem cells. Science 356: 503-508.

5/9/17 -

Eliah Overbey
Castro-Wallace et al. Nanopore DNA Sequencing and Genome Assembly on the International Space Station. bioRxiv (2016).

5/2/17 -

Max Dougherty
Saleheen et al. 2007. Human knockouts and phenotypic analysis in a cohort with a high rate of consanguinity. Nature

Steven Lee
Dongjun Chung, et al. graph-GPA: A graphical model for prioritizing GWAS results and investigating pleiotropic architecture. PLOS Computational Biology.

4/25/17 -

Vijay Ramani
Zhao, Wang, Beadell et al, "m6A-dependent maternal mRNA clearance facilitates zebrafish maternal-to-zygotic transition," Nature (2017)

4/18/17 -

Anne Clark
Li D, Azoulay P, and Sampat BN (2017). The applied value of public investments in biomedical researchScience 356:78-81.

Andy Lin
Sattar SA, et al. Decontamination of indoor air to reduce the risk of airborne infections: Studies on survival and inactivation of airborne pathogens using an aerobiology chamber. Am J Infect Control. 2016 Oct 1;44(10):e177-e182. doi: 10.1016/j.ajic.2016.03.067. Epub 2016 Jun 30.

Sattar SA, et al. Airborne pathogens inside automobiles for domestic use: Assessing in-car air decontamination devices using Staphylococcus aureus as the challenge. Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

4/11/17 -

Emily Killingbeck
CD32a is a marker of a CD4 T-cell HIV reservoir harbouring replication-competent proviruses. Descours, B. et al. Nature 543, 564–567 (2017).

Brian Searle
Structures of the cyanobacterial circadian oscillator frozen in a fully assembled state. Snijder J, Schuller JM, Wiegard A, Lössl P, Schmelling N, Axmann IM, Plitzko JM, Förster F, Heck AJ. Science. 2017 Mar 17;355(6330):1181-1184. doi: 10.1126/science.aag3218.

4/4/17 -

Alex Eng
Thomou, Thomas, et al. "Adipose-derived circulating miRNAs regulate gene expression in other tissues." Nature (2017).

John Lazar
Teves, Sheila S., et al. "A dynamic mode of mitotic bookmarking by transcription factors." Elife 5 (2016): e22280.

3/28/17 -

Claudia Espinoza
Bachner-Melman R, Dina C, Zohar AH, Constantini N, Lerer E, et al. (2005) AVPR1a and SLC6A4 Gene Polymorphisms Are Associated with Creative Dance Performance. PLOS Genetics 1(3): e42. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.0010042

Madeleine Geisheker
Rogers RL & Slatkin M. (2017). Excess of genomic defects in a wooly mammoth on Wrangel island. PLOS Genet 13(3): e1006601. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1006601.

Juhye Lee
Reid, N. M. The genomic landscape of rapid repeated evolutionary adaptation to toxic pollution in wild fish. Science 354, 2016.

3/7/17 -

Jim Bruce
Vinothkumar, KR, et al. “Structure of the mitochondrial ATP synthase from Pichia angusta determined by electron cryo-microscopy”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November 8, 2016, vol. 113, 12709–12714.

Andrew Hill

Hannah Pliner
Halpern, KB, et al., Singe-cell spatial reconstruction reveals global division of labour in the mammalian liver, Nature 542, 352–356 (16 February 2017)

2/28/17 -

Molly Gasperini
Fulco, C. P., Munschauer, M., Anyoha, R., Munson, G., Sharon, R., Perez, E. M., … Jesse, M. (2016). Supplementary Materials for Systematic mapping of functional enhancer - promoter connections with. Science, 354(6313), 769–773.

2/21/17 -

Serena Liu
Zheng, J.H. et al. "Two-step enhanced cancer immunotherapy with engineered Salmonella typhimurium secreting heterologous flagellin." Sci. Transl. Med. 9, eaak9537 (2017).

Leo Pallanck
Elimination of paternal mitochondria in mouse embryos occurs through autophagic degradation dependent on PARKIN and MUL1.
Rojansky R, Cha MY, Chan DC. Elife. 2016 Nov 17;5. pii: e17896.

2/14/17 -

Sarah Hilton
Cognition-mediated evolution of low-quality floral nectars. Vladislav Nachev, Kai Petra Stich, Clemens Winter, Alan Bond, Alan Kamil and York Winter (January 5, 2017). Science 355 (6320), 75-78. [doi: 10.1126/science.aah4219]

Xiaojie Qiu
Perturb-Seq: Dissecting Molecular Circuits with Scalable Single-Cell RNA Profiling of Pooled Genetic Screens

A Multiplexed Single-Cell CRISPR Screening Platform Enables Systematic Dissection of the Unfolded Protein Response

Dissecting Immune Circuits by Linking CRISPR- Pooled Screens with Single-Cell RNA-Seq

2/7/17 -

Ken Chen
Wu, J. et al. Interspecies Chimerism with Mammalian Pluripotent Stem Cells. Cell 168, 473–486.e15 (2017).

Mike Doud
Structured States of Disordered Proteins from Genomic Sequences Toth-Petroczy, Agnes et al. Cell, Volume 167 , Issue 1 , 158 - 170.e12

1/31/17 -

Khrystyna Dilai
Loh et al.,"Mapping the Pairwise Choices Leading from Pluripotency to Human Bone, Heart, and Other Mesoderm Cell Types." Cell 166.2 (2016): 451-67.

Evan Eichler
Ju XC, Hou QQ, Sheng AL, et al. The hominoid-specific gene TBC1D3 promotes generation of basal neural progenitors and induces cortical folding in mice. Elife. 2016 Aug 9;5. pii: e18197. doi: 10.7554/eLife.18197.

1/24/17 -

Debbie Nickerson
Astle WJ, Elding H, Jiang T et al. The Allelic Landscape of Human Blood Cell Trait Variation and Links to Common Complex Disease. Cell. 2016 Nov 17;167(5):1415-1429.e19. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.10.042.

Chen, L., Ge, B. et al. Genetic Drivers of Epigenetic and Transcriptional Variation in Human Immune Cells. Cell. 2016 Nov 17;167(5):1398-1414.e24. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.10.026.

Tim Durham
Lu, C. P., L. Polak, B. E. Keyes, and E. Fuchs. “Spatiotemporal Antagonism in Mesenchymal-Epithelial Signaling in Sweat versus Hair Fate Decision.” Science 354, no. 6319 (December 23, 2016): aah6102-aah6102. doi:10.1126/science.aah6102.

1/17/17 -

Jolie Carlisle
William H. Hudson, Bradley R. Kossmann, Ian Mitchelle S. de Vera, Shih-Wei Chuo, Emily R. Weikum, Geeta N. Eick, Joseph W. Thornton, Ivaylo N. Ivanov, Douglas J. Kojetin, and Eric A. Ortlund. "Distal substitutions drive divergent DNA specificity among paralogous transcription factors 
through subdivision of conformational space"
. PNAS 2016 113 (2) 326-331; published ahead of print December 29, 2015, 

Heather Machkovech
Swart, E. C., Serra, V., Petroni, G., & Nowacki, M. (2016). Genetic Codes with No Dedicated Stop Codon: Context-Dependent Translation Termination. Cell, 166(3), 691–702.

1/10/17 -

Colin McNally
Hackett et al. Systems-level analysis of mechanisms regulating yeast metabolic flux. Science, 2016.

Cecilia Noecker
Worobey et al. (2016). 1970s and “Patient 0” HIV-1 genomes illuminate early HIV/AIDS history in North America. Nature.

1/3/17 -

Anja Ollodart
"The escalatory Red Queen: Population extinction and replacement following arms-race dynamics in poplar rust
A. Persoons, K. J. Hayden, B. Fabre, P. Frey, S. De Mita, A. Tellier and F. Halkett. Molecular Ecology Dec 2016 

Jonathan Packer
Berry DC, Jiang Y, Arpke RW, Close EL, Uchida A, Reading D, Berglund ED, Kyba M, Graff JM. Cellular Aging Contributes to Failure of Cold-Induced Beige Adipocyte Formation in Old Mice and Humans. Cell Metabolism 25 (2016): 1-16.

12/6/16 -

Willie Swanson
Maria Chikina, Joseph D. Robinson, Nathan L. Clark Hundreds of Genes Experienced Convergent Shifts in Selective Pressure in Marine Mammals Mol Biol Evol (2016) 33 (9): 2182-2192 first published online June 21, 2016 doi:10.1093/molbev/msw112

11/29/16 -

Mary-Claire King
Chatterjee S, Kapoor A, Akiyama JA, Auer DR, Lee D, Gabriel S, Berrios C, Pennacchio LA, Chakravarti A. Enhancer Variants Synergistically Drive Dysfunction of a Gene Regulatory Network in Hirschsprung Disease. Cell 167(2):355-368, 2016

Abigail Keller
Chakrabortee, S., Byers, J. S., Jones, S., Garcia, D. M., Bhullar, B., Chang, A., et al. (2016). Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Drive Emergence and Inheritance of Biological Traits. Cell167(2), 369–381.e12.


11/22/16 -

Mike MacCoss
Nixon-Abell J, Obara CJ, Weigel AV, Li D, Legant WR, Xu CS, Pasolli HA, Harvey K, Hess HF, Betzig E, Blackstone C, Lippincott-Schwartz J. Increased spatiotemporal resolution reveals highly dynamic dense tubular matrices in the peripheral ER. Science. 2016 Oct 28;354(6311).

Amanda Watts
de Keijser et al. "Differential reporting of mixed DNA profiles and its impact on jurists' evaluation of evidence. An international analysis". Forensic Sci Int Genet, 2016.

Gill P. "Analysis and implications of the miscarriages of justice of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito." Forensic Sci Int Genet, 2016

11/15/16 -

Katherine Xue
Natarajan et al. Predictable convergence in hemoglobin function has unpredictable molecular underpinnings. Science, 2016.

Aaron Wolf
Genetic Ancestry and Natural Selection Drive Population Differences in Immune Responses to Pathogens. Yohann Nédélec, Joaquín Sanz, Golshid Baharian, Zachary A. Szpiech, Alain Pacis, Anne Dumaine, Jean-Christophe Grenier, Andrew Freiman, Aaron J. Sams, Steven Hebert, Ariane Pagé Sabourin, Francesca Luca, Ran Blekhman, Ryan D. Hernandez, Roger Pique-Regi, Jenny Tung, Vania Yotova, Luis B. Barreiro. Cell , Volume 167 , Issue 3 , 657 - 669.e21

11/8/16 -

Muehlhausen, Stefanie, et al. "A novel nuclear genetic code alteration in yeasts and the evolution of codon reassignment in eukaryotes." Genome Research, 2016.

11/1/16 -

Aaron Seo
Asprosin, a Fasting-Induced Glucogenic Protein Hormone. Romere, Chase et al. Cell , Volume 165 , Issue 3 , 566 - 579

10/25/16 -

Stan Fields
Accurate design of megadalton-scale two-component icosahedral protein complexes. Bale JB, Gonen S, Liu Y, Sheffler W, Ellis D, Thomas C, Cascio D, Yeates TO, Gonen T, King NP, Baker D. Science. 2016 353:389-94

10/18/16 -

Ken Jean-Baptiste
Nolan T, Borja-Tabora C, Lopez P, Weckx L, Ulloa-Gutierrez R, Lazcano-Ponce E, et al. Prevalence and incidence of respiratory syncytial virus and other respiratory viral infections in children 6 months to 10 years of age with influenza-like illness enrolled in a randomized trial. Clin Infect Dis. (2015) 60 (11): e80-e89.doi:10.1093/cid/civ065

Taylor S, et al., Respiratory viruses and influenza-like illness: Epidemiology and outcomes in children aged 6 months to 10 years in a multi-country population sample, J Infect (2016)

10/11/16 -

Damon May
Leah R. Jager, Jeffrey T. Leek. An estimate of the science-wise false discovery rate and application to the top medical literature. Biostatistics.

Lindsay Pino
Glendon J. Parker et al. Demonstration of Protein-Based Human Identification Using the Hair Shaft Proteome. PLOS One. September 7, 2016

10/4/16 -

Melissa Chiasson
Asymmetric partitioning of transfected DNA during mammalian cell division. Wang, X., Le, N., Denoth-Lippuner, A., Barral, Y., & Kroschewski, R. (2016). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(26).

5/31/16 -

Eliah Overbey
Tachibana, M. et al (2013). Human Embryonic Stem Cells Derived by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. Cell, 154(2), 465-466. doi:10.1016/j.cell.2013.06.042

Jonathan Packer
Sarah J. Hatsell, Vincent Idone, et al. ACVR1(R206H) receptor mutation causes fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva by imparting responsiveness to activin A. Science Translational Medicine 02 Sep 2015:
Vol. 7, Issue 303, pp. 303ra137

5/24/16 -

Steven Lee
Sara Sheehan and Yun S. Song. “Deep Learning for Population Genetic Inference
PLOS Computational Biology | DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004845. March 28, 2016

Andy Lin
Cobaugh KL, Schaeffer SM, DeBruyn JM. Functional and Structural Succession of Soil Microbial Communities below Decomposing Human Cadavers. PLoS One. 2015 Jun 12;10(6):e0130201.

5/17/16 -

Ken Jean-Baptiste
Jiang, W., et al. Degradation of Phage Transcripts by CRISPR-Associated RNases Enables Type III CRISPR-Cas Immunity. Cell 164.4 (2016): 710–721.

Juhye Lee
Liu, Gaowen et al. Gene Essentiality Is a Quantitative Property Linked to Cellular Evolvability. Cell , Volume 163 , Issue 6 , 1388 - 1399

5/10/16 -

Khrystyna Dilai
Satija, R., Farrell, J. A., Gennert, D., Schier, A. F., & Regev, A. (2015). Spatial reconstruction of single-cell gene expression data. Nat Biotech, 33(5), 495–502.

Sarah Hilton
Berg, Russell D. et al. Lysosomal Disorders Drive Susceptibility to Tuberculosis by Compromising Macrophage Migration. Cell , Volume 165 , Issue 1 , 139 - 152

5/3/16 -

Jolie Carlisle
Linnen, Catherine R., et al. "Adaptive Evolution of Multiple Traits Through Multiple Mutations at a Single Gene." Science VOL 339 (2003): 1312-1316.

Jacob Schreiber
Song, et al. Simultaneous single-molecule epigenetic imaging of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation. PNAS. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1600223113

4/26/16 -

Bryan Andrews
Charbonneau, Mark R., et al. "Sialylated Milk Oligosaccharides Promote Microbiota-Dependent Growth in Models of Infant Undernutrition." Cell 164.5 (2016): 859-871.

Abigail Keller
Wallbank, R. W. R., Baxter, S. W., Pardo-Diaz, C., Hanly, J. J., Martin, S. H., Mallet, J., et al. (2016). Evolutionary Novelty in a Butterfly Wing Pattern through Enhancer Shuffling. PLoS Biology, 14(1), e1002353.

4/19/16 -

Xiaojie Qiu
Kim S, Kim N, et al. Dynamics of HSPC repopulation in nonhuman primates revealed by a decade-long clonal-tracking study. Cell Stem Cell. 2014 Apr 3;14(4):473-85. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2013.12.012.

Sidhartha Goyal, et al. Mechanisms of blood homeostasis: lineage tracking and a neutral model of cell populations in rhesus macaques. BMC Biology 2015 13:85

Colby Samstag
Lee C, Zeng J, Drew BG, Sallam T, Martin-Montalvo A, Wan J, et al. The Mitochondrial-Derived Peptide MOTS-c Promotes Metabolic Homeostasis and Reduces Obesity and Insulin Resistance. Cell Metabolism. 2015;21: 443–454. doi:10.1016/j.cmet.2015.02.009

4/12/16 -

Aaron Seo
Westermann, A. J. et al. Dual RNA-seq unveils noncoding RNA functions in host–pathogen interactions. Nature 529, 496–501 (2016).

Han-Yin Yang
TARANIS Functions with Cyclin A and Cdk1 in a Novel Arousal Center to Control Sleep in Drosophila. Current Biology, 29 June 2015

4/5/16 -

Serena Liu
"Transcriptional regulators form diverse groups with context-dependent regulatory functions." Gerald Stampfel, Tomáš Kazmar, Olga Frank, Sebastian Wienerroither, Franziska Reiter & Alexander Stark. Nature (2015) doi:10.1038/nature15545

Aaron McKenna
Hnisz et. al. Activation of proto-oncogenes by disruption of chromosome neighborhoods. Science  03 Mar 2016. DOI: 10.1126/science.aad9024

3/29/16 -

Joe Felsenstein
Guy Karlebach and Ron Shamir.  2008.  Modelling and analysis of gene regulatory networks. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 9, 770-780 (October 2008) doi:10.1038/nrm2503

Greg Findlay
Korkmaz, Gozde, et al. "Functional genetic screens for enhancer elements in the human genome using CRISPR-Cas9." Nature biotechnology (2016).

3/8/16 -

Mike Doud
Aakre, Christopher D., et al. "Evolving New Protein-Protein Interaction Specificity through Promiscuous Intermediates." Cell 163.3 (2015): 594-606.

John Lazar
Silver, David, et al. "Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search." Nature (2016).

3/1/16 -

Alex Eng
"Re-engineering the zinc fingers of PRDM9 reverses hybrid sterility in mice." Davies, Benjamin et al,Nature 2016

Colin McNally
Burri, R. et al. Linked selection and recombination rate variation drive the evolution of the genomic landscape of differentiation across the speciation continuum of Ficedula flycatchers. Genome Res. 25, 1656–1665 (2015).

2/23/16 -

Daniel Chee
Genomic insights into the Ixodes scapularis tick vector of Lyme disease. Monika Gulia-Nuss et al. Nature Communications 7, Article number: 10507 doi:10.1038/ncomms10507

Vijay Ramani
Sharma, Conine et al, "Biogenesis and function of tRNA fragments during sperm maturation and fertilization in mammals," Science (2016)

2/16/16 -

Heather Machkovech
Delong, T., Wiles, T. A., Baker, R. L., Bradley, B., Barbour, G., Reisdorph, R., Haskins, K. (2016). Pathogenic CD4 T cells in type 1 diabetes recognize epitopes formed by peptide fusion. Science, 351(6274), 1–5.

Joshua Schraiber
Variation in the molecular clock of primates. Priya Moorjani, Carlos Eduardo G. Amorim, Peter F. Arndt, Molly Przeworski
bioRxiv doi:

2/9/16 -

Maitreya Dunham
Dave W Anderson, Alesia N McKeown, Joseph W Thornton. Intermolecular epistasis shaped the function and evolution of an ancient transcription factor and its DNA binding sites. eLife. June 15, 2015.

Emily Killingbeck
Complex archaea that bridge the gap between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Anja Spang, et al. Nature 521, 173–179 (14 May 2015) doi:10.1038/nature14447.

2/2/16 -

Max Dougherty
Prescott et al., 2015. Enhancer Divergence and cis-Regulatory Evolution in the Human and Chimp Neural Crest. Cell 163 (1), 68-83.

Cecilia Noecker
Patalano et al. (2015). Molecular signatures of plastic phenotypes in two eusocial insect species with simple societies. PNAS doi:10.1073/pnas.1515937112

Kapheim, Pan, et al. (2015). Genomic signatures of evolutionary transitions from solitary to group living. Science doi:10.1126/science.aaa4788

1/26/16 -

Jason Klein
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10/28/14 -

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Two blog posts by Jerry Coyne criticizing Nowak et. al.:

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1/28/14 -

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5/24/11 -

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3/29/11 -

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2/15/11 - Andrew Stergachis

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10/5/10 -

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5/25/10 -

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5/18/10 -

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3/9/10 -

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3/2/10 -

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This is an associated "News + Views" article:

9/30/08 -

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