Statistical methodology for genetic data, with an emphasis on allelic dependencies, population structure, disease associations and relationships. Use of genetic data for human identification.

Selected Publications:

Nielsen DM, Ehm KG, Zaykin D, Weir BS. 2004. Effect of two- and trhee-locus linkage disequilibrium on the power to detect marker/phenotype associations. Genetics 168:1029-1040.

Liu, W. and B.S. Weir. 2005. Genotypic probabilities for pairs of inbred relatives.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences 360:1379-

Weir, B.S., L.R. Cardon, A.D. Anderson,D.M. Nielsen and W.G. Hill. 2005. Measures
of human population structure show heterogeneity among genomic regions.
Genome Research 15:1468-1476.

The International HapMap Consortium (Weir is one of many authors). 2005. A
haplotype map of the human genome. Nature 437:1299-1320.

Anderson, A.D. and B.S. Weir. 2005. It was one of my brothers. International Journal
of Legal Medicine (in press)

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