Getting Help

Sending an e-mail to gsithelp [at] is the best method for getting help from GS-ITS. This method creates a request in our tracking system so we can ensure your question is addressed as quickly as possible. You should receive a confirmation by email that we've received your request within a few minutes.

Please note that the email must be from an email address ending in "" or "". If you don't use your UW account, you can send a ticket from this webform at include contact information when using the webform.

If you do not receive a confirmation or you would prefer to speak with us on the phone or in person, please call or stop by our office.


gsithelp [at]


(206) 685-7352


Foege Building S436

Request Creation Tips

  1. Include your name, lab group, location, and phone number.

  2. Clearly state the problem and when it started occurring. If you've received any error messages, include those.

  3. On what system or systems does the problem occur?

  4. If you've attempted to fix the problem yourself, let us know what you've tried.

  5. How soon do you need the problem fixed? Does this problem impact a time sensitive project?

Request Escalation

If you feel your request is not being completed in a timely or correct manner, please contact Simon Hearsey, Director, IT Services. The IT Services Director reports to the Director of Admin and Finance, Maureen Larsen.

Anonymous Feedback

Send feedback to the IT Director. Anonymous or not, any feedback on Genome Sciences IT services is welcome.

GS-ITS Staff Directory

Simon Hearsey
Director, Dept. Computing
Office: Foege S343D
Phone: (206) 221-5279

Brian McNally
Manager, Research Computing Team
Office: Foege S048A
Phone: (206) 543-7363

Charles Winston
Manager, Core Services Team
Office: Foege S436
Phone: (206) 685-7162

Justin Reichel
Core Services
Office: Foege S436
Phone: (206) 221-7718

Brendan Henry
Systems Administration
Office: Foege S048

Skylar Thompson
Systems Administration
Office: Foege S046
Phone: (206) 685-7354

Alexander Safir
Systems Administration
Office: Foege S046
Phone: (206) 685-7340