All Genome Sciences grads with payroll appointments (i.e. all of you) have Graduate Appointee Insurance Program coverage. Please see their website for coverage details. You'll want to be sure to check their site before seeing a medical provider, to make sure the service is covered.

As long as you had GAIP coverage throughout the previous academic year, you will receive coverage over summer quarter regardless of student status. Most of you will be on payroll during this time anyway, so it won't be an issue, but in some cases (e.g. students who graduate spring quarter and won't start a new job until fall, or go on academic leave over the summer, etc) this is important to know.

When registering for courses:

US Citizens and permanent residents will automatically receive GAIP coverage unless you have a fellowship which pays you directly rather than going through the UW payroll system - if so, please check in with Brian to make sure your insurance coverage is set.

International Students will automatically receive Graduate Appointee Insurance Program coverage but will also need to sign up for standard UW international student insurance each quarter when registering. Please be assured that once the system recognizes that you have GAIP coverage, the standard UW student insurance charge will be removed. This cumbersome system is in place to ensure all international students at UW have insurance coverage.