New Faculty

Dr. Kelley Harris joined Genome Sciences in 2018. Dr. Harris uses population genetic theory and high-throughput biological sequence analysis to study recent evolutionary history in humans and other species. Please visit her faculty page to learn more about her research.


Genome Sciences is pleased to welcome Dr. Brian Beliveau to the department in September 2018 as our newest faculty member. Dr. Beliveau develops and applies super-resolution microscopy methods and programmable molecular technologies to map the 3D organization of the genome in single cells.

Upcoming Seminars & Events

Genome Sciences Seminar
Wednesday, August 15
Dr. Joshua Cuperus

"Interpreting regulatory DNA variation in yeast and plants"
11:00, Foege Auditorium | flier

Genome Sciences Seminar
Wednesday, August 15
Dr. Elizabeth Blaber

"Understanding the Role of Stem Cells in Spaceflight-Induced Tissue Dysfunction" 
3:30, Foege Auditorium | flier

Department News

Aaron McKenna, Tychele Turner, and Damien Wilburn have been awarded K99 Career Transition Awards.
Dr. Jesse Bloom has been selected as an HHMI Investigator.
Aaron McKenna has received the Graduate School’s 2018 Distinguished Dissertation Award.
Katherine Xue has received the Crow Early Career Award at the 2018 Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics Conference.
Introducing the Genome Sciences 2018 incoming class:

Elizabeth Aguilar - DePauw University
Ryan Carlson - UW MSTP
Shawn Fayer - Brandeis University
Sayeh Gorjifard - Johns Hopkins University
Allie Greaney  - UW MSTP
Hyeon-Jin Kim - University of Washington
Michelle Noyes - University of Chicago
Phoebe Parrish - Davidson College
Chengxiang Qiu - Peking University
Sam Regalado - UW MSTP
Sam Smukowski - University of Wisconsin

Juhye Lee has been awarded an F30 from the NIAID to support her thesis project "Comprehensive antigenic mapping of seasonal influenza viruses.