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Procurement Services Guidelines

Direct Questions/Requests for Access or Training to purchasing [ a t ] gs.washington.edu

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Genome Sciences Purchase Quick Reference 20090219.doc - Quick reference guide
Genome Sciences Purchase Path Training Reference 20090219.doc – Training reference guide for Purchase Path

Orders to outside vendors that are being charged to a Genome Sciences budget should be submitted via our web-based purchasing system. You can find it at the following URL: http://purchasing.pathology.washington.edu
Only people with Requesting or Submitting authority will be allowed access to this system.

If you do not have access to this system you may use the forms locate in S250. Fill them out and return them to S250 for processing.

Quotes & Notes:
For orders that have written quotes please note the quote # in the notes filed on-line and forward a copy of the quote to our office either via hand delivery to S250, mail to Box 355065 Purchasing Staff, or Fax, 206-685-7301 Fiscal Staff. If it is a verbal quote please state "verbal quote # ________" in the notes field. For orders that require sole source justification you may use the field provided or just note that you are submitting it separately via Fax, Mail, E-mail or hand delivery.

Shared budget purchases:
This system was designed to allow you to split your purchase against multiply budgets. To do this you hold down on the ctrl key and click on each appropriate budget. Then indicate the percentage distribution in the "notes section for that item.

For orders that are shared between labs the primary lab may submit the order on-line indicating the budget distribution. However, we will need to receive e-mail authorization from the remaining labs for their portion of the order before we will be able to proceed.

Orders <$3500:
Please plan ahead as much as possible to avoid rush orders as well as excessive freight charges. This office must forward orders for radioactive material to Upper Campus Purchasing by 10am in order to be cleared by radiation safety and get placed that day. Therefore, small # orders (<$3500) submitted to our office by 10am will typically be placed that day. Orders submitted after 10am will be placed the following day. However, if the vendor that you have chosen requires a hard copy order you will need to allow an additional 2-3 working days for your order to be placed by Purchasing. The department only has authority to place verbal confirming orders. In addition, orders to foreign vendors, outside the US, must also be handled by Upper Campus Purchasing due to customs issues. Be sure to allow much longer lead time on these orders.

Orders > $10,000
A "Sole Source" purchase means that only one supplier (source), to the best of the requester's knowledge and belief, based upon thorough research, (i.e. conducting a market survey), is capable of delivering the required product or service. Similar types of goods and services may exist, but only one supplier, for reasons of expertise, and / or standardization, quality, compatibility with existing equipment, specifications, or availability, is the only source that is acceptable to meet a specific need.
A sole source justification is required for every purchase over the direct buy limit (currently $10K) unless the purchase is being competitively solicited.

Shipping options:
Please keep the following in mind when you are considering shipping options: When a vendor states "3-5 days" or "5-7 days" for delivery that means working days, Monday – Friday only, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays do not count. Therefore, orders submitted on Wednesday and placed on Thursday that are requesting 2nd day air shipment will be received on Monday. If it is a perishable product and cannot sit over the weekend the vendor may hold the shipment until Monday and you would receive it Wednesday. For orders of non-perishable items submitted on Thursday and placed on Friday requesting 2nd day air you can expect delivery Tuesday, not Monday.

1. Receiving:
Please sign and date all packing slips then return them to our office, S250 FOEGE SOUTH, Box 355065 to be filed with the budget files. Report damage or shortages immediately to our office.

Please work with the vendor to arrange returns.

2. Purchasing Ethics/Conflict of Interest:
Anyone involved in the vendor selection process should also be aware of the following rules regarding accepting items from vendors.

"No employee may accept, directly or indirectly, any compensation, gratuity, or reward from any other person beneficially interested in the contract, sale, lease, purchase, or grant"

"No employee shall, directly or indirectly, ask for, give, receive, or agree to receive any compensation, gift, reward, or gratuity for performing, omitting, or deferring the performance of any official duty"

M&E Tax Exemption
Equipment purchased for certain University research may qualify for a sales tax exemption.  To qualify item must have unit cost of $200 or more, have a useful life of more than one year, and be used for research.
Include the M&E Tax Exemption Statement on your Purchase Path Order.
More information on Machinery and Equipment (M&E) Sales Tax Exemption:  http://f2.washington.edu/fm/eio/machinery-and-equipment

Reimbursement Requests:

Any reimbursement request must be submitted to purchasing no later than 90 days after the date of purchase. All reimbursements are required to be submitted with a clear, itemized receipt to the PurchasePath requester and must be approved by budget manager before reimbursement can be made. If a receipt is lost, the individual requesting the reimbursement will need to go to the orignal vendor to obtain a duplicate receipt.

Genome Sciences Receipt Policy $75 and Under


Travel Policy & Updated Approval Requirements - http://f2.washington.edu/fm/travel/policies

Direct questions to gstravel [ a t ] u.washington.edu

Blanket approval for faculty travel outside the state of Washington is posted here.


Prepare and submit a Purchase Path Request with all anticipated expenses for your trip. You may only request up to the state allowable Per Diem for Lodging and Meals. If you are a PI, remember that your travel must be approved by the Departmental Administrator. If you are a staff member, your PI or Manager must approve your travel. Remember that any travel on State funds must be approved by the Department as well as the School of Medicine.

Submit all receipts for trip within 48 hours of returning to Genome Sciences Admin Staff for processing. On packet of receipts please indicate either the Purchase Path ID number or PO number that was assigned prior to your trip.

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