Caryl Roman


Genome Sciences was sad to learn of the death of Caryl Roman. Caryl was the widow of Herschel Roman, the founding chair of the Department of Genetics, one of the two departments that merged to form Genome Sciences. Caryl was born in 1918 and came to Seattle in 1942. She was a sweet, kind and gracious woman who played a large role in bringing people together in Genetics during the more than two decades that Herschel was the chair. Caryl hosted many gatherings of students and faculty held at the Romans’ home each year, events that contributed to the collegiality and affection that members of the department shared with each other. Those fortunate to have known her will miss her greatly. In lieu of flowers, her family asks that donations may be made to the Herschel and Caryl Roman Undergraduate Scholarship Fund at the UW, the Seattle Public Library Foundation or Northwest Harvest.