2013 Public Lecture Series

The UW Department of Genome Sciences played an important role in determining the sequence of the 3 billion letters of DNA specifying all of our hereditary information and is now one of the leading centers where the human genome is being interpreted and where new technologies for this analysis are being developed.

To share these advances with the public the Department of Genome Sciences hosts a 'Wednesday Evenings at
the Genome' public lecture series each summer. These exciting discussions assume no background knowledge in genetics or other biological subjects and provide opportunities to chat with our presenters.

Presentations begin at 7:00 pm and will be followed by refreshments at 8:00 pm just outside the auditorium.

Wednesday, July 10
Dr. George Martin
"How Nature, Nurture and Chance Shapes How We Age"
7:00, Foege Auditorium
lecture video

Wednesday, July 17
Dr. David Raible
"Not Just a Fish Tale: Zebrafish Models to Cure Hearing Loss"
7:00, Foege Auditorium
lecture video

Wednesday, July 24
Dr. Peter Byers
"Genetics and the Law: Contretemps Over Brittle Bones"
7:00, Hitchcock 132
lecture video

Wednesday, July 31
Dr. Maynard Olson
"Genomic Medicine: What Path Forward?"
7:00, Hitchcock 132
lecture video


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