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"Wednesdays at the Genome" Public Lecture Series

The human genome is our complete DNA sequence of 3 billion letters specifying all of our hereditary information. The determination of this sequence – completed in the last few years – will have a tremendous impact on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. The UW Department of Genome Sciences is one of the leading centers where the genome is being interpreted and where new technologies for this analysis are being developed.

These exciting discussions assume no background knowledge in genetics or other biological subjects and provide opportunities to chat with our presenters.

2008 Series:

Time: 8:00 p.m.
Location: Foege Auditorium (Foege Building S-060)
lecture series poster (pdf)

July 9
Dr. Bruce Weir
"DNA, Genetics, and Forensics"

July 16
Dr. Michael MacCoss
"Measuring Proteins Levels in Health and Disease"

July 23
Dr. Celeste Berg
"Genes and Development"

July 30
Dr. Jay Shendure
"Sequencing genomes and personal genomics"

2007 Series:
The Human Genome Project
The Genetics of Breast Cancer
The Genetics of Drug Responses
Genes and Heart Disease
Analyzing Parkinson's Dissease

Lecture videos are available on the 2007 website.