Motulsky was a founder of the field of pharmacogenetics, i.e. the role of genetic variation in response to drugs. He is currently involved in assessing the role of genetic polymorphisms in resistance and susceptibility to disease from environmental agents (Center of Ecogenetics).

Motulsky and his postdoctoral fellow, Joseph Goldstein (later a Nobel prize winner for his work in cholesterol metabolism), investigated the genetic basis of hyperlipidemia in coronary heart disease and described a new entity: familial combined hyperlipidemia. Motulsky's current studies in this area deal with the role of various lipid factors and their genetic determinants in coronary heart disease. These studies are carried out with a local team of investigators in metabolic diseases (J. Brunzell), epidemiology (M. Austin), statistical genetics (G. Jarvik & E. Wijsman) and molecular genetics (Samir Deeb).

Dr. Motulsky has worked on the molecular genetics of human color vision with a molecular geneticist (Samir Deeb) and with psychologists. In this work, quantitatively assessed perception of color is correlated with the molecular arrangements of the red-green color vision genes. The finding of minor genetic differences in pigment genes (unrelated to color vision defects) causing variable perception of color is of fundamental interest and initiates a new field of molecular psychology.

Dr. Motulsky received many honors including election to the National Academy of Science (NAS), the Institute of Medicine of the NAS, the American Association of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society.

In addition to his scientific activities, Dr. Motulsky has long been interested in the social impact of human genetics (including genetic testing) and has participated in various national committees dealing with these issues.

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