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Past News Items 2001 - 2004

June 2004

Mary-Claire King is awarded the 2004 Genetics Prize of the Peter Gruber Foundation.


May 2004

The Department presents the third annual Genome Sciences Symposium: "The Future of Human and Medical Genetics, Based on the Contributions of Arno G. Motulsky".

Evan Eichler joins the Department.


April 2004

The 2004 incoming class is selected:

    • Carlos Araya, Washington State University
    • Divya Bhat, MIT
    • Shameek Biswas, Columbia University
    • Jonathan Bleyhl, transfer from UW Applied Math
    • Ross Centers, UC Santa Cruz
    • Mathias Ganter, exchange student, Tubingen University, Germany
    • Michael Hoopmann, College of New Jersey
    • Zhaoshi Jiang, transfer from Case Western University
    • Brigham Mecham, Washington University
    • Angela Poole, Cal Tech
    • James Ronald, UW Medical Scientist Training Program
    • William Sheffler, Brown University
    • Benjamin Smith, University of Southern Maine
    • David Spencer, UW Medical Scientist Training Program


December 2003


September 2003

  • A good time is had by all at the Department Retreat. Follow this link for retreat info..
    (Photos posted 12/03)


August 2003


May 2003


April 2003

  • The 2003 incoming class is selected:
    • Laura Certain, University of Washington Medical Scientist Training Program
    • Karen Chisholm, University of Washington Medical Scientist Training Program
    • Cindy Desmarais, University of British Columbia
    • Mark Enstrom, University of Washington
    • Greg Finney, University of California, Santa Cruz
    • Jennifer Gogarten, University of Chicago
    • Joanna Kelley, Brown University
    • Aaron Klammer, University of California, Santa Barbara


September 2002


July 2002


May 2002


April 2002

  • Maynard Olson and Phil Green are featured in an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Two UW Scientists receive recognition for genome work", describing their recognition by the Gairdner Foundation for their contributions to this branch of science.

    Mary-Claire King is featured in an article in the Seattle Times, "Scientists work in harmony in din of Mideast", describing her research, in collaboration with Palestinian and Israeli scientists, on understanding the causes of deafness .

  • The Genome Sciences 2002 incoming class is selected:
    • Nathaniel Clark, University of Texas
    • Lazar Dimitrov, Dartmouth College
    • Chung-Ying Huang, National Taiwan University
    • Lisa Kim, transfer from UW Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management Program
    • Charla Lambert, University of Washington
    • Tobias Mann, University of Washington
    • Sara Selgrade, Middlebury College

September 2001

  • The Department of Genetics and The Department of Molecular Biotechnology merge to create The Department of Genome Sciences.


  • The incoming graduate class arrives:
    • Jennifer Allen, UC - Davis
    • Kiran Dhillon, Western Washington University
    • Chul Joo Kang, Korea University
    • Rachel Mackelprang, University of Utah
    • Weijia Mo, Fudan University, China