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Wednesday, May 24  |  Hogness Auditorium  |  all day  |  no registration required

For more information, please contact symposium(at)gs.washington.edu

Schedule (pdf)

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Barry Ganetzky, Ph.D. , University of Wisconsin
“Temperature-sensitive paralytic mutants and gene discovery for neuronal function,
development, and maintenance in Drosophila

H. Robert Horvitz, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Howard Hughes Medical Institute
“The Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death in C. elegans

Simon John, Ph.D. , The Jackson Laboratory; Howard Hughes Medical Institute
“Glaucoma as a complex disease: Insights provided by mouse models”

Michael Marr, Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley
“Dynamic Interaction and Differential Requirement for Transcriptional Coactivator Complexes in Drosophila”

Gail Martin, Ph.D. , University of California, San Francisco
“FGF signaling in vertebrate organogenesis: the importance of getting it right”

Barbara Meyer, Ph.D.
, University of California
, Berkeley; Howard Hughes Medical Institute
“Sex and Death in C. elegans

Pamela Silver, Ph.D. , Harvard Medical School
“Discovery and Design of Nuclear Networks”