Genome Sciences Symposium 2007

"Pests, Plagues and Plants: Genomics and Global Health"

Wednesday, April 25  |  Foege Auditorium  |  all day
no registration required
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Dr. Jane Carlton, Adjunct Investigator TIGR and Department of Medical Parasitology, New York University
"Whole genome comparisons of Plasmodium species"

Dr. Timothy Anderson, Associate Scientist, Department of Genetics, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
"Evolution of malaria parasites under strong drug selection"

Dr. Julie Overbaugh, Affiliate professor Microbiology and Pathobiology, UW, Division of Human Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"HIV-1 genetic variation: Challenges of deciphering biological mechanisms amidst the noise"

Dr. Torbert Rocheford, Professor of Plant Genetics, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois
"QTL, Candidate Gene, and Association Analysis of Carotenoids and ProvitaminA in Maize Grain: A Biosynthetic Pathway Model Approach”

Dr. Marcel Behr, Assistant Professor of Medicine, McGill University Health Centre
"Genomic comparisons of Mycobacterium tuberculosis species of different mammalian hosts"

Dr. Eric Rubin, Associate Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard University
"Tuberculosis: what are all those genes for anyway?"