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University of Washington, Seattle

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I am an assistant professor in University of California at Davis. My lab is located in UC Davis Genome Center and you can read more about our research at Hormozdiari lab.
I used to be a postdoctoral scholar from 2011 to 2015 in the Eichler lab in the Genome Sciences Department at the University of Washington. My research interest is mainly computational algorithm development for genomics and systems biology problems. More information.

My Erdos number is 2
My h-index is 21

Email: fhormozd at ucdavis.edu

Check these databases for my publications:
PUBMED| DBLP| Google Scholar


Rare Variants in Autism: Study of rare variants with main focus on rare and de novo structural variation (SVs) on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Biomolecular Module Discovery: Discovery and analysis of modules and pathways of importance in complex diseases (see our tool MAGI and our results on neuropsychiatry diseases).

Structural Variation Discovery: Developing methods for discovery of structural variation in whole-genome sequenced samples (e.g. VariationHunter). Furthermore, studying SVs in disease, evolution or population genetics.

Mapping Algorithms: Methods for mapping next-generation sequencing reads to reference genome (e.g. mrFast or mrsFast)

Selected publications

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