Dr. Laurence Sandler

Dr. Laurence Sandler was a Professor of Genetics at the University of Washington from 1962 - 1987.

From "Herschel Roman and 50 Years of Genetics at the University of Washington" by Dr. David Stadler:

"He was so clever that people enjoyed just getting him to remenisce and tell all kinds of stories. He was a terrific teacher. I think he was probably the outstanding teacher in genetics of his generation, not just here but anywhere. He was outstanding both in the classroom, teaching formal classes, and as a teacher of graduate students. It's sort of an enigma that when he first came, he told us that he didn't think he should take any graduate students to work with Drosophila. At that time there were so few people going into Drosophila work that it looked like there was not going to be any employment for Drosophila geneticists. So he didn't think it would be fair to have a graduate student take a Ph.D. in it. Well, he was persuaded differently by the graduate students themselves and as you must know he trained many graduate students. Several became outstanding geneticists. His students were unanimous in their feelings about him as an outstanding teacher."

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