Account Self Service

Important Notice!


Due to a new security threat all account tools (user tools and sponsor tools) are now available only from within the foege wired networks.

If your account becomes locked(failed password entries), it will unlock by itself after 30 minutes.

If your password is not locked or expired you can reset your password in the usual way by running passwd on a GS linux system (nexus) or the usual tools when logged in locally to a GS windows or Mac systems.

Even after your password has expired, you can change your password by following the prompts on an available GS linux system for instance, our Internet available gateway system

If you need to reset your password (it is expired and you don't know your old password) and are not in the Foege Building please call GS-ITS during regular business hours at (206) 685-7352 to reset your password or email gsithelp[AT]


GS-ITS provides a web application for account management to all users, as well as special applications for account sponsors. The underlying ldap directory is referred to as GSDS.

All Users

User Tools
User Tools allows any user to check the status of their account, unlock their account after repeated login failures, and reset their password.

Account Sponsors

Account Management Tool
The Account Management Tool displays information to an account sponsor about the users and groups they sponsor.
Account Request Form
The Account Request Form allows account sponsors to submit account requests to our tracking system.

Note: If you receive the notice
"User Authentication Failed!
Please contact xxx"
You likely have run into an expired cookie that has not been flushed. Please try again using a different browser, close and reopen your current browser, or clear the cookies from your current browser. Opening a private or incognito browser window and navigating to the site will also allow new credentials to be entered.