Our application deadline was February 1. Due to the large number of applications received for a limited number of available spaces we are no longer accepting new applications.


Applicants must be:

- US citizens or permanent residents

- members of a group that is underrepresented nationally in the biomedical sciences: African-American, Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander.

- Currently enrolled in and returning to college following the summer research program to continue their undergraduate studies. We expect that competitive applicants will have had some college-level science coursework. Applicants who would like to work in a computational lab should have had college-level calculus and basic programming skills.

- willing to inform us of your career direction after completing your undergraduate degree, whether you opt for graduate school, medical school, or another career path

Application Instructions:

1. Our application deadline is February 1. Please fill out the following Google Form to send your information.

As part of this information, please take a look at our faculty list and list 5-6 faculty in whose lab you would like to work. Please be sure to choose only from the "Faculty" list, rather than "Other Training Faculty", etc. Those on the "Faculty" list are the core Genome Sciences faculty members who participate in our summer research program.

In addition to this information, please also email items 2-5 to Brian Giebel - bgiebel [ a t ]

2. Research Statement (1 or 2 pages)
Tell us about your research interests & goals, including any past research experience and relevant coursework. You are also welcome to tell us a little about your personal background - what led you to follow this path?

3. CV / Resume (1 page)
This should highlight your previous research experience and education.

4. Reference letter
One reference letter is required, but you are welcome to have two sent if you prefer. There are no forms necessary – the letter should be from a faculty member or others familiar with your abilities and should highlight your research and/or academic experience and ability. References from research settings, if available, are ideal.

Your recommender may email this directly to Brian Giebel. No hard copy is required. Please do not send reference letters from non-research or non-academic settings (e.g. summer jobs unrelated to science, etc).

5. Transcript
Transcripts do not have to be official (e.g. you are welcome to use web versions, scanned copies, etc) and should be emailed to Brian Giebel. If you have attended more than one school, please send a transcript for every institution you’ve attended where you’ve taken a science or math course (i.e. you do not need to send transcripts from colleges where you took only non-science or math courses).

Application Review / Notification:

We will notify all applicants of their status as soon as possible, most likely within 1 month of the application deadline.