Sandra Zimmerman

Berg Lab

Prior Training:
Ph.D., Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University
B.S., Engineering (Special Programs: Nuclear Sciences), Arizona State

Contact Info:
Foege Bldg. S-433
3720 15th Ave NE
Box 355065
Seattle, WA 98195

sgzim [ a t ]
Phone: Mobile: 206-276-1059; Lab: 206-543-1622
Fax: 206-685-7301

Research Summary:
I am interested in the nature of the signaling pathways that regulate the morphogenesis of a flat epithelial sheet into epithelial tubes. As a model, I am using the process of dorsal appendage formation in the Drosophila egg chamber during oogenesis. The dorsal appendages form from two patches of follicle cells that reorganize into tubes and elongate by crawling over the neighboring squamous “stretch” cells. Mutations in the transcription factor encoded by bwk, which acts upstream of tyrosine kinases SHARK and SRC42A to regulate dorsal appendage cell migration, lead to cell adhesion defects and aberrant cell migration. Because homologs of these molecules have all been implicated in human disease, my goal is to further delineate this pathway to better understand how it regulates cell migration. I am using mass spectrometry to compare protein expression and phosphorylation in purified stretch cells from wild-type vs. bwk egg chambers.  in vivo functional analysis of these proteins will identify new factors that regulate coordinated cell migration.